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US Plastic Containers Market

US demand to approach 14 billion pounds in 2014 US demand for plastic containers is expected to exceed $30 billion in 2014, with resin demand approaching 14 billion pounds. Advances will be driven by performance advantages over metal, glass and paperboard alternatives, which will stimulate ongoing opportunities in a broad range of applications. Additionally, unit growth will be fueled by consumer preferences for small, single-serving containers -- such as single-serving milk, soft drink and drinkable yogurt bottles and single-portion yogurt, fruit and soup cups. Bottles to remain leading plastic container type Though bottles will remain the leading plastic container type, unit gains will decelerate from the pace of the 1999- 2009 period due to the maturing of several large beverage applications and a significantly slower outlook for bottled water based on environmental concerns. Nonetheless, advances will benefit from preferences for smaller single-serving containers in many food and beverage markets. Resin demand will trail unit gains as a result of lightweighting of bottles in many markets to hold down resin costs and to enhance sustainability. Additionally, resin use will be constrained by the shift to more concentrated liquid laundry detergents packaged in smaller, lighter plastic bottles. Food, drugs to be fastest growing bottle, jar markets Among major bottle and jar markets, the fastest gains are anticipated for food and pharmaceutical applications. Plastic bottle demand in food uses will benefit from hot-fill processing improvements that will create further opportunities for PET bottles in uses such as sauces and condiments, processed fruits and vegetables, and jams and jellies. Above average unit gains in pharmaceutical applications will be supported by favorable trends in the development and production of pharmaceuticals, as well as by above-average growth among the older population segments, which comprise many of the most intensive consumers of pharmaceuticals and related containers. Plastic pails, tubs, cups to outpace bottles Faster volume gains are anticipated for plastic containers other than bottles and jars, the result of improved demand as the US economy recovers from the recession that began in December 2007. Advances for plastic pails will be supported by an upswing in construction activity, which will result in heightened requirements for items packaged in pails, such as paints, adhesives and driveway sealers. Good opportunities are expected for single-serving tubs and cups for food packaging, based on convenience, portability and portion control benefits. Rising interest in diets perceived as offering health benefits, such as Middle Eastern and Mediterranean diets, will propel robust demand for foods such as hummus and Greek yogurt, which are typically packaged in tubs and cups. However, volume expansion will be moderated by thinwalling and other weight reduction efforts aimed at reducing the amount of resin consumed per container. Study coverage This industry study presents historical demand data (1999, 2004 and 2009) plus forecasts for plastic containers through 2014 and 2019 by product type (e.g., bottles, jars, tubs, cups, bowls, trays, cans, egg cartons, squeeze tubes), market (e.g., beverages, food, household cleaning chemicals, cosmetics and toiletries, pharmaceuticals) and resin. The study also considers key market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles more than 30 competitors in the US industry.

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