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US Recreational Boating Market

US demand to rise more than 12% annually through 2014

US demand for recreational boating products -- including boats and separately sold propulsion systems and accessories -- saw an extremely sharp downturn in 2008 and 2009. Sales fell by more than half in value terms over the two-year period, as consumers cut spending on luxury items and financial firms tightened lending requirements. The market is expected to grow sharply from the depressed 2009 level, increasing more than 12 percent annually to $11.4 billion in 2014. Gains will be supported by strong growth in disposable personal income and an expected loosening in credit markets. In addition, the market will benefit from above average population growth in the 55-64 age bracket, which is a key end user of large, highpriced recreational boating products. Industry efforts to increase interest in boating among women, minorities and other nontraditional boat buyers will also support demand.

Market to remain below 2004 levels through 2019

Despite the positive factors, the gains in the market will not be sufficient to recover to demand levels seen before the 2008 and 2009 downturns. For instance, demand for recreational boating products is expected to remain below the 2004 level for much of the next decade in value terms and the number of new boats purchased will not reach the 2004 level even by 2019. Demand will be limited by the expense of boating, including high prices for gas, slips and boat storage. In addition, growth will be restrained by the increasing share of the population that is retired and therefore may have to live on fixed incomes that may not allow them to purchase new boats. Also, while the industry will attempt to reach out to nontraditional demographic sectors, especially faster growing groups such as minorities and immigrants, many people in these groups do not yet see themselves as part of the "boating lifestyle" and thus often choose other leisure activities.

Demand for boats to exhibit strongest recovery

Demand for boats will see the strongest recovery, following especially sharp declines in 2008 and 2009, with growth rebounding 15 percent per annum to $8 billion in 2014. Among the various types of boats, the large powerboat segment will post the strongest gains, rising more than 17 percent annually. However, like the overall market, neither powerboats nor the larger boat segment will recover to pre-decline levels. The powerboat segment will benefit from the ease of operation, as well as technological advances such as pod drive propulsion systems and increasingly sophisticated electronic packages that can not only improve the performance and maneuverability of the boat, but also raise the initial purchase price.

Southern region, especially Florida, to grow the fastest

Of the four US Census regions (Northeast, Midwest, South and West), the South offers the best prospects for growth due in large part to factors such as warmer climate and above average population growth of those age 45 and older. On a statewide basis, Florida will continue to account for the largest share of recreational boating demand in 2014, and is also expected to post the fastest gains following extremely rapid declines in 2008 and 2009. California, Texas, North Carolina and New York are also important boating product markets.

Study coverage

This new industry study presents historical demand data (1999, 2004, 2009) plus forecasts for 2014 and 2019) by material, product and region of the US. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 40 US industry players such as Bombardier Recreational Products, Brunswick and Johnson Outdoors.





General 4

Macroeconomic Outlook 4

Demographic Outlook 8

Consumer Trends 11

Personal Income & Expenditures 12

Recreational & Leisure Expenditures 14

Consumer Financing Environment 15

Recreational Boating Consumer Profile 19

Recreational Boat Retail Sales 22

Inventory Levels 27

Pricing 29

US Recreational Boating Market, 1999-2009 31

Technology 34

Engines 35

Electronics 37

Recreational Boats in Use 38

Regulatory & Safety Issues 40

Emissions & Noise Issues 41

Wildlife & Environmental Protection Issues 43

Safety Issues 45

World Recreational Boating Market 46

Canada 47

Europe 48

Rest of the World 50

US Recreational Boating Foreign Trade 51

Imports 53

Exports 55


General 58

Reinforced Plastic 59

Resins 60

Reinforcement Materials 62

Aluminum 63

Coated Fabrics 65

Tops & Covers 66

Sails 67

Upholstery 67

Inflatable Boats 68


General 70

Recreational Boats 74

Traditional Powerboats 78

Inboard Powerboats 82

Cabin Cruisers 84

Runabouts & Other Inboard Powerboats 86

Producers 87

Outboard Powerboats 88

Demand by Material 92

Demand by Length 93

Producers 94

Sterndrive Powerboats 95

Personal Watercraft 98

Regulatory & Safety Issues 101

Producers 105

Sailboats 106

Demand by Length 108

Demand by Design 110

Producers 111

Other Recreational Boats 111

Jet Boats 113

Canoes 114

All Other 114

Propulsion Systems 116

Outboard Propulsion Systems 118

Regulatory Issues & Technology 120

Producers 122

Inboard & Sterndrive Propulsion Systems 123

Regulatory Issues & Technology 124

Producers 126

Boating Accessories 127

Navigational & Electronic 129

Trailers 133

Other 134


General 136

Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 140

Population Patterns 140

Economic Outlook 142

Personal Consumption Expenditures 144

US Regional Demand for Recreational Boating 146

Northeast 149

New England 151

Middle Atlantic 154

Midwest 157

East North Central 159

West North Central 162

South 165

South Atlantic 169

East South Central 173

West South Central 176

West 179

Mountain 182

Pacific 186


General 191

Industry Composition 192

Market Share 195

Brunswick 197

Yamaha Motor 198

Bombardier Recreational Products 199

Platinum Equity 200

Other Important Producers 201

Competitive Strategies 202

Product Development 204

Manufacturing 206

Distribution 207

Marketing 209

Brand Awareness & Loyalty Marketing 210

Lifestyle & Other Marketing Strategies 212

Mergers & Acquisitions 214

Cooperative Agreements 217

Company Profiles 220

American Honda Motor, see Honda Motor

American Marine Holdings Incorporated 221

American Suzuki Motor, see Suzuki Motor

Atlanta Marine Electronics, see Viking Yacht

Baja Marine, see Fountain Powerboats Industries

Bayliner Marine, see Brunswick

Beneteau SA 224

Bombardier Recreational Products Incorporated 227

Boston Whaler, see Brunswick

Brunswick Corporation 230

Cabo Yachts, see Brunswick

Cannon, see Johnson Outdoors

Carlisle Paddles, see Johnson Outdoors

Carver Boat, see J&D Acquisition

Catalina Yachts Incorporated 243

Caterpillar Incorporated 245

Champion Boats, see Platinum Equity

Chaparral Boats, see Marine Products

CNB, see Beneteau

Correct Craft Incorporated 248

Crestliner, see Brunswick

Crownline Boats Incorporated 249

Cruisers Yachts, see KCS International

Crusader Marine Engines, see Pleasurecraft Engine Group

Cummins Incorporated 251

Cummins MerCruiser Diesel Marine, see Brunswick and


Diversified Marine Products, see Brunswick

Donzi Marine, see American Marine Holdings

FinCraft Boats, see J&D Acquisition

Fountain Powerboat Industries Incorporated 254

Four Winns Boats, see Platinum Equity

Garmin Limited 257

General Motors Company 260

Genmar Holdings, see J&D Acquisition and Platinum


Glastron Boats, see Platinum Equity

Godfrey Marine, see Nautic Global Group

Harris Kayot Marine, see Brunswick

Honda Motor Company Limited 263

Hunter Marine, see Luhrs Marine Group

Hydra-Sports Boats, see MasterCraft Boat

J&D Acquisition LLC 266

Jeanneau America, see Beneteau

Johnson Outdoors Incorporated 269

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited 275

KCS International Incorporated 277

Kellogg Marine Supply, see Brunswick

Land 'N' Sea, see Brunswick

Larson Boats, see J&D Acquisition

Lendal Products, see Johnson Outdoors

Lowe Boats, see Brunswick

Luhrs Marine Group 279

Lund Boat, see Brunswick

Mainship, see Luhrs Marine Group

Malibu Boats LLC 283

Marine Products Corporation 284

MarineMax Incorporated 286

Marquis Yachts, see J&D Acquisition

MasterCraft Boat Company 288

Mercury Marine Group, see Brunswick

Meridian Yachts, see Brunswick

Monterey Boats Incorporated 290

MTU Detroit Diesel, see Tognum

Nautic Global Group 291

Necky Kayaks, see Johnson Outdoors

Ocean Kayak, see Johnson Outdoors

Old Town Canoe, see Johnson Outdoors

Palm Beach Towers, see Viking Yacht

PCM Marine Engines, see Pleasurecraft Engine Group

Platinum Equity LLC 294

Pleasurecraft Engine Group 297

Precision Propeller Industries, see Yamaha Motor

Princecraft Boats, see Brunswick

Pro-Line Boats, see American Marine Holdings

Pursuit Boats, see S2 Yachts

Rampage Sport Fishing Yachts, see KCS International

Ranger Boat, see Platinum Equity

Raymarine plc 300

Regal Marine Industries Incorporated 304

Rinker Boat, see Nautic Global Group

Robalo Boats, see Marine Products

Sea Fox Boat Company Incorporated 306

Sea Ray Boats, see Brunswick

Seaswirl Boats, see J&D Acquisition

Silverton Marine, see Luhrs Marine Group

Skeeter Products, see Yamaha Motor

Smoker Craft Incorporated 308

Starcraft Marine, see Smoker Craft

Stratos Boats, see Platinum Equity

S2 Yachts Incorporated 313

Suzuki Motor Corporation 316

Techsonic Industries, see Johnson Outdoors

Tiara Yachts, see S2 Yachts

Tognum AG 318

Tracker Marine Group LLC 319

Triton Boat, see Brunswick

Triumph Boats, see J&D Acquisition

Trophy Sportfishing Boats, see Brunswick

Viking Yacht Company 324

VM Motori, see General Motors

Volvo AB 326

Wellcraft Marine, see Platinum Equity

West Marine Incorporated 329

Windsor Craft Yacht, see J&D Acquisition

Yamaha Motor Company Limited 331

Yanmar Company Limited 336

Zodiac Marine & Pool 339

Additional Recreational Boating Companies 341



Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8

2 Population & Households 11

3 Personal Income & Expenditures 13

4 Recreation & Leisure Expenditures 15

5 Consumer Financing Environment, 1999-2009 18

6 Recreational Boat Retail Sales 26

7 Recreational Boat Pricing 31

8 US Recreational Boating Product Market, 1999-2009 33

9 Recreational Boats in Use 39

10 US Recreational Boating Foreign Trade 52


1 Plastic & Aluminum Consumption

in Recreational Boat Production 59

2 Coated Fabric Consumption in Recreational Boat Production 66


1 Recreational Boating Product Supply & Demand 73

2 Recreational Boat Supply & Demand 76

3 Traditional Powerboat Supply & Demand 80

4 Inboard Powerboat Supply & Demand 84

5 Inboard Cabin Cruiser Supply & Demand 86

6 Runabout & Other Inboard Powerboat Supply & Demand 87

7 Outboard Powerboat Supply & Demand 92

8 Outboard Powerboat Demand by Boat Length 94

9 Sterndrive Powerboat Supply & Demand 98

10 Personal Watercraft Supply & Demand 101

11 Sailboat Supply & Demand 108

12 Other Recreational Boat Supply & Demand 112

13 Propulsion System Supply & Demand 118

14 Outboard Propulsion System Supply & Demand 120

15 Inboard & Sterndrive Propulsion System Supply & Demand 124

16 Boating Accessory Supply & Demand 129


1 Recreational Boating Regional Market Profile, 2009 138

2 US Resident Population by Region 142

3 US Gross Domestic Product by Region 144

4 US Personal Consumption Expenditures by Region 146

5 US Recreational Boating Demand by Region 149

6 Northeast Recreational Boating Demand

by Subregion & Product 151

7 New England Recreational Boating Demand 154

8 Middle Atlantic Recreational Boating Demand 157

9 Midwest Recreational Boating Demand

by Subregion & Product 159

10 East North Central Recreational Boating Demand 162

11 West North Central Recreational Boating Demand 165

12 South Recreational Boating Demand by Subregion & Product 169

13 South Atlantic Recreational Boating Demand 173

14 East South Central Recreational Boating Demand 176

15 West South Central Recreational Boating Demand 179

16 West Recreational Boating Demand by Subregion & Product 182

17 Mountain Recreational Boating Demand 186

18 Pacific Recreational Boating Demand 190


1 US Recreational Boating Product Sales by Company, 2009 194

2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 216

3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 219



1 Comparison of Retail & Manufacturers' Level Boat Sales 27

2 US Recreational Boating Product Market, 2000-2009 34

3 Recreational Boats in Use by Type, 2009 40

4 US Recreational Boating Product Imports by Source, 2009 55

5 US Recreational Boating Product Exports

by Destination, 2009 57


1 Recreational Boating Product Demand by Type, 2009 74

2 Recreational Boat Demand by Type, 2009: Volume & Value 77

3 Traditional Powerboat Demand by Engine Type, 2009:

Volume & Value 81


1 Geographic Distribution of US Recreational

Boating Demand, 2009 139


1 US Recreational Boating Product Market Share, 2009 197

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