Republican Women Say AL Immigration Bill Is Easy On Employers

Mar 09, 2011, 15:41 ET from Alabama Federation of Republican Women

TUSCALOOSA, Ala., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Alabama Federation of Republican Women disagree with news reports that HB56 is a tough Arizona-style immigration bill.  "There are many good aspects in the bill that are much needed to control immigration," the state federation president of Alabama Republican Women Elois Zeanah stated, "but the enforcement provisions of E-Verify are so weak that penalties for parking tickets are stronger than penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens."

"It's like dealing with a tumor," Zeanah continued.  "You can treat the symptoms of the disease but you won't solve the problem unless you remove the tumor.  So it is with illegal immigration.  If you don't cut out the root of the problem, jobs, you're left dealing with side effects."

Zeanah said she's concerned with the speed of the bill.  The bill is on the House calendar and could be voted on as early as Thursday.  Zeanah said there's no need to rush this bill through. The substitute bill is not yet online to be read and a companion bill has yet to be introduced in the Senate.  "What's the rush?" Zeanah asked.  She said her organization has submitted a summary of the enforcement problems and ways to fix it, and she hopes HB56 will be strengthened on the House floor.

SOURCE Alabama Federation of Republican Women