Reputation Changer Promotes Cliff Stein to CEO

The #1 reputation management firm's long-time General Manager takes charge, as the company's new Chief Executive Officer, on Monday, June 18.

Jun 18, 2012, 07:24 ET from Reputation Changer

NEW YORK, June 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Reputation Changer, the industry-leading reputation management company, has announced the promotion of its long-time General Manager, Cliff Stein, to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Assuming the new position as of June 18, Stein will play a more active role than ever before in overseeing the day-to-day functions and long-term vision of the firm. According to Stein, the chance to lead the company forward is an opportunity for which he is richly grateful—not only because of how much the company itself means to him, but also because of his passion for the industry as a whole.

"In the age of Facebook and Google, anybody can say whatever they want on the Internet, regardless of how factual or true it really is," Stein explains. "While this may ultimately be a good thing in many regards, it also opens up many avenues for problems, especially for business owners or public figures. That's why reputation management is so vital. Individuals and brands alike have the right to defend themselves online—which makes reputation management a good and necessary service."

Stein's zeal for online reputation management has always driven his performance as the company's General Manager, a role for which he remains thankful. "Serving as Reputation Changer's GM has been an unforgettable professional experience, impressing on me the importance and the sheer complexity of the different strategies and technologies that make this industry work," he observes.

Cliff Stein came to Reputation Changer following 17 years of managerial experience across different industries. He previously served as the Accounting Manager for Julius Silvert, Inc., an Inc 500 food distribution company based in Philadelphia, and as General Manager of Society Hill, Inc., another Philadelphia-based firm at which Stein oversaw all aspects of marketing, sales, finance, merchandising, and logistics.

Also noteworthy is the time Stein spent as an accountant for major TV series, including The Howie Mandel Show and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and for various blockbuster feature films.

It is the online reputation management industry, however, about which Stein remains the most passionate. According to the new CEO of Reputation Changer, online reputation management is a vital service for helping people and companies control the way they are presented on the Internet. "There is no limit to the kinds of online defamation that people can be subjected to, to say nothing of the scourge of dishonest and unreasonable online reviews," Stein says. "The fact is, people can say whatever they want to say on the Internet, often protected by full anonymity. It's only right that people and corporations have tools at their disposal to protect their own names, and to stop lies about them from spreading across the search engines."

Stein is excited for the chance to lead Reputation Changer, in particular, because of the company's reputation as the leader of its industry. "Reputation Changer is known across the board as the reputation management firm, number one of its kind, always best in class," Stein explains. "To date, the company has defended the reputations of Fortune 500 brands, small business start-ups, elected officials, and countless individuals. Now, we are excited about expanding our services even further, helping more and more clients and delivering better and quicker results."

In addition to leading Reputation Changer, Stein is excited about his new role as the de facto ambassador for the reputation management industry at large. "Online reputation is utterly priceless, whether you're a big company or just a guy trying to get a job," Stein concludes. "We're excited about taking the message of positive reputation management to as many people as possible."


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