Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions Talks Internet Liability Following Government Crackdown on Internet Threats

Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions is advising parents to monitor their teenager's internet usage, not just for their own safety, but because an off-color remark could land the teen, and their parents, in hot water with authorities.

May 07, 2013, 10:17 ET from JW Maxx Solutions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Recently, a family in Massachusetts discovered the hard way that their teenager is not invulnerable to the law just because he did something over the internet, rather than in person. The Massachusetts teen was taken into custody earlier last week following the release of a rap video starring himself rapping about what authorities are labeling as "disturbing verbiage". The rap allegedly referred to the White House and the recent Boston Marathon bombing. The teenage rapper could find himself with a 20-year sentence. His bail is currently set at $1 million.


Reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions is advising parents that the freedom-of-speech argument only goes so far, and the age-old case of yelling "fire" in a public place definitely still applies to today's internet-savvy generation. The time of anonymous internet posting are over; government agencies are focusing more and more on the internet since terrorist groups discovered that the internet is an ideal recruiting ground for their organizations. Even something as seemingly innocent as a teenager rapping, has the potential to set off a red flag with authorities.

As an online reputation expert, JW Maxx Solutions also recommends that parents look at the Massachusetts situation from a different angle. Pretend the disturbing rap video was aimed at a teacher, or a student? The targeted victim, or the victim's parents, has every right to go after the antagonist for harassment. But of course a lawsuit would not target a teenager, but it would target the parents. This is why parents should always be conscious of their teen's online usage, because if not monitored, it may cost them thousands.

The reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions aids their clients in recovering from such events. Many internet users still believe that just because they can post anonymously, that they are invincible to the law, and so they harass individuals or competitors. If left alone, these false claims and libelous accusations may appear legitimate to possible customers or general browsers. JW Maxx Solutions helps business owners and individuals recover from such attacks, and help them then present the preferred image for search engines to display.

JW Maxx Solution's reputation management agents are knowledgeable of the latest internet trends and use search engine's algorithms to directly benefit their clients. A Google results page full of false negativity can be turned around by enlisting the aid of a reputation expert, like JW Maxx Solutions.

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