Research and Forecast of China Laser Equipment Market, 2013

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Research and Forecast of China Laser Equipment Market, 2013

China serves as a giant manufacturing country, with gradual upgrading of domestic processing equipments, laser equipment industry will enjoy more rapid growth. Especially the growth of automobile, semiconductor and electronic manufacturing industries make China's laser market have great potentials. Many research and development institutions and enterprises have engaged in the research, development, production and management of lasers and laser equipments in China, and domestic producer markets of laser and laser equipment are primarily distributed in several provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu and Shanghai etc. of which, Optics Valley of China in Wuhan, where takes optical communication and laser industries as main businesses, exhibits a momentum of strong development.

Currently, the major laser equipment suppliers in China are Han's Laser, Shanghai Unity Prima, Huagong Laser, Chutian Laser Group, Lead Laser, Wuhan Tianqi Laser Equipment and Guangda Laser. As of 2012, output value of China's laser equipments harvested CNY 7.628 billion.

Among domestic laser equipment enterprises, Han's Laser, Huagong Tech and Chutian Laser Group can produce a wide range of products, namely, laser products with large, medium and small powers, their businesses involve in many industries such as automobile manufacturing, electronics, semiconductor, steel and metallurgy etc. and these enterprises enjoy comparatively comprehensive product structures, so they occupy large proportions of market shares. Han's Laser's main product is laser information marking equipment, its businesses involve in electronics manufacturing industry and IT industry etc.; Huagong Tech mainly supplies large-scale complete sets of laser equipments, and the industries concerned are metallurgy, mine and mechanical and electrical industries; Chutian Laser's businesses relate to three main industries, namely, industrial laser, medical laser and laser processing.

At present, domestic laser equipment manufacturing enterprises are small scales, and enterprises which enjoy annual sales revenue of more than CNY 50 million are few. Laser equipment manufacturing enterprises have great development space, and profitability in this industry will maintain certain degrees of stability and continuity. Production capacity of China's laser equipment industry will be increasingly larger. It is predicted that production capacity of China's laser equipment industry will be 2.77 times more than that in current market by 2017.

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1. Development Overview of Laser Equipment Industry

1.1 Overview of Industry

1.2 Industry Chain of Laser Equipment

2. Development Overview of Global Laser Equipment Industry2.1 Development Status Quo2.2 Regional Development of Global Laser Equipment Market2.3 Growth Prediction of World Laser Equipment Industry2.3.1 Growth Prediction of Market Scale2.3.2 Development Trend Prediction2.4 Global Key Laser Equipment Enterprises and Dynamic State2.4.1 Company Profiles of Global Key Equipment Enterprises2.4.2 Mergers and Acquisitions of Global Laser Equipment Enterprises

3. Environment Analysis of China's Laser Equipment

3.1 China's Economic Development Environment

3.2 Relevant Policies, Regulations and Standards

3.3 Domestic Technological Level of Laser Equipment

3.3.1 Technological Level of Laser Equipment Industry

3.3.2 Alternative Technology

4. Development Status Quo of China's Laser Equipment Industry4.1 Industrial Development Characteristics4.1.1 Seeking Financing by Listing on the Stock Market, Leading Enterprises is Being Establishing4.1.2Conducting International Cooperation and Introducing High-Level Talents, Core Competencies are Forming 4.1.3 Pillar Industries of National Economy Increase the Use of Laser Equipment4.1.4 China's Laser Industry Chain is Taking Shape4.1.5 Laser Equipment Enterprises are Attaching Importance to New Generation Industrial Laser 4.2 Supply Situation and Trend4.3 Demand and Prediction4.3.1 Demand Distribution 4.3.2 Demand Scale4.4 Factors Affecting Industry Development 4.4.1 Technical Factor4.4.2 Restricts from Upstream Industries4.4.3 Market Cognition Degree

5. Competitive Landscape of China's Laser Equipment Industry

5.1 Competitive Pattern

5.2 Regional Competition

5.2.1 Regional Distribution of China's Laser Equipment Industry

5.2.2 Key Regions

6. Upstream and Downstream Analysis6.1 Upstream Industry Chain6.1.1 Optical Instrument Manufacturing Industry6.1.2 Machine Building Industry6.1.3 Electronic Device Manufacturing Industry 6.1.4 Software Development Industry6.2 Downstream Demand6.2.1 Downstream Demand and Application6.2.2 Segmented Application Fields

7. Import and Export Data of Laser Equipment

7.1 Imports and Exports of Laser, 2010-2012

7.1.1 Import and Export Data of Laser, 2010-2012

7.1.2 Import Sources and Export Destinations, 2012

7.2 Import and Export of Laser Process Machine, 2010-2012

7.2.1 Import and Export Data of Laser Process Machine, 2010-2012

7.2.2 Import Sources and Export Destinations of Laser Process Machine (84561000), 2012

8. China's Major Laser Equipment Enterprises8.1 Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 8.1.1 Company Profile8.1.2 Main Business8.1.3 Competitive Edges8.1.4 Business Performance8.1.5 Future Development Strategy 8.2 Huagong Tech8.2.1 Company Profile8.2.2 Main Business8.2.3 Competitive Edges8.2.4 Business Performance 8.2.5 Future Development Strategy 8.3 Daheng Science and Technology 8.3.1 Company Profile8.3.2 Main Business8.3.3 Competitive Edges8.3.4 Business Performance8.3.5 Future Development Strategy8.4 CASTECH8.4.1 Company Profile8.4.2 Main Business8.4.3 Competitive Edges 8.4.4 Business Performance8.4.5 Future Development Strategy8.5 Golden Laser8.5.1 Company Profile8.5.2 Main Business8.5.3 Competitive Edges8.5.4 Business Performance8.5.5 Future Development Strategy

9. Investment in Laser Equipment Industry and Development Trend

9.1 Investment Opportunities

9.1.1 Vigorous Support from National Policies and Industrial Upgrading

9.1.2 Good Export Market of Laser Brings in New Opportunities for Domestic Enterprises

9.2 Investment Risks

9.2.1 Market Competition

9.2.2 Technical Risk

9.2.3 Policy Risk

9.2.4 Risks Related to Enter Market and Exit Market

9.3 Barriers to Entry

9.3.1 Technical Barrier

9.3.2 Capital Barrier

9.3.3 Sales Model Barrier

9.4 Development Trend of China's Laser Equipment Industry

9.4.1 Development Trend of Laser Equipment Market

9.4.2 Laser Growing Trend

9.5 Development Suggestions

9.5.1 Enhance Technical Innovation

9.5.2 Foster Concentrated Regions, Improve Overall Competitive Edges

9.5.3 Adopt Reasonable Measures, Standardize Competitive Pattern

9.5.4 Boost Laser Technology Promotion, Use Products with Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights

9.5.5 Increase Capital Input, Ensure Sustainable Development of Domestic Laser Equipment Industry

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