Research From Mobidia Reveals Insights Into Mobile Usage of Twitter and Vine for Android

Analysis by Mobile Analytics Provider Mobidia Shows Increased Competition Among Mobile Social Applications

Nov 12, 2013, 12:03 ET from Mobidia Technology, Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobidia Technology, Inc., a leading provider of mobile analytics, today released new insight into mobile usage of the Twitter and Vine applications for Android. Mobidia's data shows growth of the number of mobile Twitter users in the U.S. to be flat to slightly declining while the number of Vine users is growing slightly in 2013. Mobidia's data also reveals a decline in average monthly usage time by mobile Twitter users and steady usage time among Vine users since initial Android availability in June. In the same time period, both active user counts and monthly usage time increased among users of Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest.

An analysis of Android Twitter users from January through October 2013 and of Android Vine users, following Vine's release, from June through October 2013 reveals the following trends:

  • The number of active monthly users of the Android Twitter application in the U.S. stayed reasonably consistent at about 19 percent of Mobidia's sample, while the number of Instagram users grew from 22 to 25 percent and the number of Snapchat users grew from 7 to 18 percent.
  • At the same time, average monthly minutes of use of the Android Twitter application in the U.S. declined from 73 minutes to 65 minutes per user.
  • Meanwhile, the number of active monthly users of Vine for Android increased slightly in the application's first 5 months of availability. Average monthly minutes of usage stayed relatively consistent at around 32 minutes during these 5 months.


Source: Mobidia


Source: Mobidia

"Twitter's competition in the mobile application space is growing rapidly. Messaging, micro-blogging, social messaging, and photo- and video-sharing applications are all competing for users' screen time and mind share," said Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia. "It will be interesting to see how Twitter deploys its new capital to increase new features and value—especially around multimedia—to fuel its growth and continue to compete. Mobidia's mobile application usage data and platform can provide the insights to understand Twitter's and its competitors' active users and mobile usage and engagement."

With a global set of data provided by millions of smartphone users, Mobidia is able to provide mobile operators, application vendors and the global mobile industry ecosystem with detailed and unique insight into subscriber behavior around data- and application-specific usage on all the networks to which smartphones and tablets connect, including mobile cellular and LTE, roaming and Wi-Fi.

For more information about Mobidia's mobile data, please visit Mobidia's website, where you will find detailed whitepapers, or Mobidia's Blog for periodic updates on data and analysis of mobile usage.

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Mobidia is a leading mobile analytics provider with the largest global sample of smartphone and tablet users. Mobidia's mobile analytics and metrics platform provides unique insights into mobile usage trends on mobile applications and mobile networks. Real usage from real users on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks provides a comprehensive and unique understanding of what people do and value in the mobile world.

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