Research: Haphazard Networking, Neglect of Mentors Plagues Job Seekers

Jan 28, 2010, 16:55 ET from Upwardly Mobile, Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Coming on the heels of a study revealing inadequate time spent networking by job seekers, UpMo released a follow-on study showing that the time job seekers actually do spend networking is often wasted.

According to new research from, an online career service based in Palo Alto, Calif., job seekers' haphazard networking means that they often devalue their most important relationships.

"One golden rule of a successful job hunt is: focus on the relationships that can truly drive your career," says Allyn Horne, Senior Director of Research and Methodology at UpMo. "Nearly 8-in-10 jobs are landed through someone you know. However, that doesn't mean you should try to connect with anyone and everyone—in fact, if you cast the net too far, you won't spend enough time with the people who matter, and risk getting no results at all."

UpMo analyzed LinkedIn users who accept invitations to connect from anyone – whether they knew the persons or not. UpMo, found that these individuals:

  • Waste opportunities from high value contacts – Nearly half (46.5%) say they only seek the help of mentors or colleagues once a year – if ever. "Who's better qualified to speak to the quality of your work: those who know you best, who have supervised you or mentored you—or random connections?" asks Horne.
  • Are ill-prepared for a job hunt – Only 3-in-10 feel "very confident" or "extremely confident" that they could use their network to land a job within 30 days if suddenly laid off. "That really speaks to the quality of connections," says Horne. "Mentors and colleagues are the ones who understand you best and have the greatest ability to identify positions that would be a good fit. And once they have found those positions for you, they are also the connections most likely to take the next step and make the all-important personal referral."

The bottom line: being strategic in your communications planning is vital.

"If you are trying to network with everyone who simply pays attention to you, your 'connections' cannot realistically vouch for you," says Horne. "The key is to focus on those who know you, who believe in you, and who can help make a difference. You will see a much greater return on the time you invest."

What should job seekers focus on? According to Horne:

Feed your lions – In the job hunt, we all have "lions," those connections that will go on the hunt with you. UpMo lets you to upload LinkedIn contacts and group your "lions" in your Inner Circle, giving focus to your ongoing efforts.

Plan your networking – Haphazard networking often results from a lack of planning. UpMo's Action Plan can give you step-by-step directions to be efficient and successful in building high value bonds with mentors and colleagues.

Be clear and efficient in communicating your goals – Let your connections know you are on the hunt – but do it wisely. Don't log into multiple sites to update your status. By using one service, UpMo's My Musings messaging functionality, you can automatically update your Twitter account each time you post a message to UpMo. If you then have Twitter update your LinkedIn status, you now gain consistency and save time by using one source: UpMo's My Musings. And with that time savings, you are now freed up to build those important relationships that will power your career.

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