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Health service is not only a concept, but also a method, a complete and thorough service procedure. It intends to help patients and healthy groups better restore, maintain and promote their health, save expenditures and reduce the medical expenses effectively.

In China, the health service covers health maintenance, nursing sub-health state, treatment of diseases, etc. When the standards of living of Chinese people were much lower, the health service mainly referred to the treatment of diseases. However, with the improvement in the standards of living, health maintenance, regulation in sub-health state and disease regulation occupy an increasingly large part in the health service, and their market demand enjoys continuous growth.

With the development of Chinese economy, the concept of health management is gradually recognized by the Chinese. Accordingly, the health service market is also enlarged. Various special or comprehensive health service chain institutions have emerged, such as those for eye test, dental examination, women physical examination, foot massage and hair nourishing. The health management advocates the transfer from passive health treatment to positive health management. The demand for health service is shifting from simple medical care to disease prevention, healthcare and health promotion. Thus, the health examination, consultation, maintenance and promotion, etc. are included in the health service industry.

Chinese health service industry encompasses medical treatment, physical examination, health insurance and some other sub-industries. Presently, except medical treatment, all other sub-industries are in the start-up stage in China.

Before 2003, the physical examination in China was limited to the compulsory special physical examination for the purpose of obtaining employment and pursuing education, etc. The implementation units were nonprofit medical institutions designated by the government. After the outbreak of SARS, the population for physical examination in China acquires high-speed growth. People begin to pay more attention to their health. In 2009, the market scale of Chinese physical examination was about CNY 29 billion. The new-type physical examination is a series of healthy services. It not only enables consumers to understand their health conditions, but also integrates health examination, consultation and promotion. This has brought about many new concepts to the public health and medical industries.

In 2009, there were over 1,500 commercial health insurance products in China. Meanwhile, the premium of Chinese commercial health insurance totaled CNY 57.40 billion. Among that, the premium was CNY 25.61 billion from the sickness insurance and CNY 28.98 billion from the medical insurance, rising by 11% YOY and 23.6% YOY separately.

In 2009, the population aged over 60 accounted for 12.5% in the total population in China and the proportion is still rising. When Chinese resident income is increasing, the environmental pollution is exacerbated and the population aging rate is also in continuous growth. Given this, Chinese people will pay growing attention to their health. Thus, there is a promising prospect for Chinese health service industry.

    Through this report, readers can acquire more information:

    - Status quo of Chinese health service industry
    - Market competition in Chinese health service industry
    - Factors affecting the development of Chinese health service industry
    - Prediction on development tendency of Chinese health service industry
    - Investment opportunities in Chinese health service industry

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