Research Review Links Acne with Eating Habits

Mar 15, 2013, 07:33 ET from The Laser Treatment Clinic

LONDON, March 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

In recent weeks, a number of different studies have been conducted into the relationship between diet and acne. The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic in London are keen for acne sufferers to read up on how they might be able to manage their skin conditions by making lifestyle changes.

A large scale review of the studies into acne has taken place recently to find out whether there is a link between diet and acne - a view that did fall out of favour in medical and scientific circles. However, the findings of the review suggest that what people eat may indeed have an impact on the acne breakouts they experience.

Over 50 years of clinical research have been looked at in order to better understand a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The result is that many scientists now believe that certain dietary factors do have a link with acne.

The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic - a clinic specialising in the delivery of cutting edge laser therapy for a range of skin conditions, including laser acne treatment - have looked at these results with interest and they are advising their patients to learn more about the most recent studies into acne.

If the latest findings do outline a number of trends then patients may be able to manage their skin problems more effectively through lifestyle changes. The review suggests that those with a high GI diet and those who take in lots of dairy foods may experience a greater frequency of breakouts because of the hormonal fluctuations that result from such dietary habits.

The experts are advising a low sugar, low fat diet, which is good news for those looking to change their eating habits in the interest of losing weight. The Laser Treatment Clinic does stress that lifestyle changes may not always take effect and in severe cases it is important to speak to a dermatologist about other forms of management such as laser therapy.

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SOURCE The Laser Treatment Clinic