Resolutions for 2012: Revitalize Your Healthy Cooking Goals with the Right Kitchen Tools

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HOUSTON, Dec. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- 

Resolution: Eat "just enough," not more.
Portion control's easy with the new Zenker Just Enough Springform Pan. This handy springform pan is one-fourth the size of a standard 10-inch.  Make baking an everyday affair with desserts for two, quiche and more – without the leftovers. Made in Germany to the highest quality standards by one of the oldest bakeware manufacturers in the world. Suggested retail $9.99.



Resolution: Make healthy snacks fun.
Snack time is fun time when you use wholesome and fresh ingredients to make delicious ice pops. Just grab some fruit, juice or yogurt, and use the Zoku® Duo Quick Pop® Maker for quick and easy homemade treats frozen in as fast as 7 minutes. Try Cranberry Orange Pops, Peppermint Pops, Lemon Cream Pops and more. Suggested retail $36.95.

Resolution: Stock up on nutrients.
Save time and stock up on nutrients by using a top quality pressure cooker. Kuhn Rikon Duromatic® Pressure Cookers cook up to two-thirds faster than traditional cooking methods, and because they cook in a closed system, more nutrients are retained. Perfect for comfort food from soups and stews to meat and poultry and beans. Suggested retails $160 - $400.

Resolution: Cut down on oil.
The easiest way to avoid over-oiling is to mist it instead of pouring. The Kuhn Rikon Vase Mister helps you control the amount of oil you use, while putting it where you want it to go. Use it to lightly spray pans with oil before baking or cooking, or to mist a bit of oil on your salads, vegetables, breads and more. Suggested retail $20.

Resolution: Add flavorful freshly ground spices to any meal.  
Because freshly ground spices add maximum flavor with minimum calories, they make food more satisfying, meaning you might just not eat as much. The Capresso Cool Grind is a highly efficient blade grinder that can grind peppercorns, allspice, coriander seeds, lavender, flax seeds and more – so try some new taste twists while adding flavor, not fat, to your dishes. Suggested retails $19.99$29.99.

Resolution: Eat more fresh veggies.
Who doesn't want to eat more vegetables? Steaming them is better than boiling, helping retain their nutrients and delicious flavor. The Sili Gourmet™ Sili Steamer Basket from William Bounds, with collapsible basket and lid, works in the microwave or on the stovetop. Fits on a variety of pans, deep or shallow, from 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Suggested retail $25.





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