Restoration PAC: ISIS Terror Attacks Prompts Ad Campaign Highlighting Hillary Clinton's National Security Failures

Ad targets primary voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and opinion leaders in Washington, DC

Jan 18, 2016, 17:00 ET from Restoration PAC

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, Philadelphia, and Istanbul, Restoration PAC is launching a hard-hitting ad campaign targeting primary voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and opinion leaders in D.C.

The ad focuses specifically on then-Secretary Hillary Clinton's lies surrounding the Benghazi incident that left Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and other American citizens dead after failing to provide adequate security for her staff.

What separates the ad from others is a detailed timeline that spells out how emails prove Clinton lied to the public and family members of the victims immediately after the attack.

Restoration PAC, led by West Point grad, U.S. Army veteran, and former U.S. Senate candidate Doug Truax (R-IL), is putting over $390,000 behind this initial 60-second ad. This first ad is slated to run beginning January 19 for ten days in New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., and South Carolina with a significant digital and social media ad buy in those areas as well.

Truax has also brought on Richard Grenell to help formulate content for Restoration PAC. Grenell is a foreign policy expert who served in the State Department from 2001-2008 and briefly served as Mitt Romney's National Security Spokesman in 2012. 

"America deserves leaders who tell them the truth and put our nation's security ahead of politics," Truax said. "Seventy-nine percent of Americans feel we will likely have another terrorist attack within the next few months. Hillary Clinton simply isn't up to the job of keeping us safe or telling us the truth."

The ad also will hit Washington, D.C. airwaves targeting foreign policy and national security opinion leaders. Restoration PAC will continue to play a role in ensuring critical leadership issues are heard by U.S. voters before Election Day.


ANNCR: Now we know the real truth about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. She lied and the emails prove it.

About an hour after the attack began, Hillary Clinton tells her daughter the truth. It was an "Al Qaeda like group." Then she tells the Egyptian Prime Minister the truth, too. It was a terrorist attack – not related to any YouTube video.

But when speaking to us, her story changes.

CLINTON: "Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior ... as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet."

As the bodies of murdered Americans are returning to grieving families, Clinton lies to them and again blames a video. A news organization concluded she was an architect of the lie -- told over and over.

RICE: "Very offensive video"
RICE: "hateful video"
RICE: "hateful video"
RICE: "very hateful, very offensive video"

ANNCR: In the heat of a political campaign, Clinton lied to protect her job. She even lied to families of our heroes. And she wants to lead our country?

ANNCR: Restoration PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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