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SAN DIEGO, Feb. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The REST Report is a third party analytics tool that helps homeowners to determine what types of term modifications are available given their situation before they submit their application to their bank or loan investor. This can save time for the homeowners, as it will let them know if their request has any chance of being approved or not, and if the report shows that there is a problem, then it will allow the homeowner to make adjustments that could possibly prevent a foreclosure.

The Real Estate Services and Technology Report is now being used by many financial consultancy agencies to help find answers to their clients' problems. Normally, a person would go into the whole process more or less blind, not knowing what they will qualify for or even if they will qualify for anything at all. Adding to the uncertainty is the amount of time that can go by before the applicant gets a final response on their situation. In many cases this could take from eight to twelve months.

By first getting an analysis from a REST Report licensee, homeowners can know exactly what they qualify for, and in the event that they do not qualify for any modifications, the report will show them the exact areas that they need to work on in order to improve their standing; all within two to three days. This may not necessarily speed up the process of getting new terms approved, but it can help homeowners to decide if they will apply in the first place and can give them peace of mind if they know that there is good reason for the bank or lender to approve their request.

Financial consultancy agencies or institutions who wish to make use of the REST Report can apply to be authorized REST licensees by visiting the REST Report website at The website also provides a number of resources and support for REST licensees, such as informational videos and other training materials, as well as online support from seasoned professionals who can help to give an expert file review quickly. Homeowners interested in utilizing the Report can visit  

By becoming an authorized licensee, loss mitigation specialists and institutions can benefit from faster turnaround due to a quicker evaluation period. This drastically increases efficiency and makes the job much easier for the financial institution. They will be better able to serve their clients, as well as make faster and more well-informed decisions about what course of action to take with problematic loan situations.

The REST Report benefits everyone involved in the loan modification process. It helps the financial institutions to increase efficiency and improve their bottom line; it helps homeowners quickly find answers to their problems in a way that was not heard of previously; and, most importantly, it helps to find the best possible terms that would be beneficial to both the homeowners and the investors. For more information on the REST and becoming an authorized REST licensee, please visit

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