Retail market of cosmetics in Poland 2013

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Retail market of cosmetics in Poland 2013

Retail cosmetics sales are affected by market trends in Poland.

Report analyses distribution, consumer preferences and ranks top sellers.

As development of the retail market for cosmetic products in Poland adjusts to financial and economic change, industry professionals want to know all the details. Producers and distributors want to know how retailers have changed strategies, and how these developments will affect business activity in the segments of large-format grocery stores, health and beauty retailers, pharmacies, and online and direct cosmetics sellers.
Retail market of cosmetics in Poland 2013, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015 provides information tailored to meet the needs of those interested in market value, top-selling players, and the value and scope of the country's distribution network. This report provides a comprehensive view of market activity that includes macroeconomic analysis, the effects of trends and consumer preferences on current conditions, and projected development in the years ahead.

The document offers a complete evaluation of macroeconomic conditions in Poland as well as analysis of their influence on the retail cosmetic market and economic forecasts to 2015. It also offers current and projected values of the market and its major segments, and analysis of prevailing trends. Consumer feedback obtained through a special survey enlightens readers as to the purchasing preferences, and opinions of the Polish public with regard to a wide range of industry issues including most frequent places of cosmetics shopping, buying products online, private label products, dermocosmetics, and awareness of cosmetic brands.

The publication examines the competitive landscape as observed in the Polish retail cosmetics market by naming and profiling the market's largest and most noteworthy participants. Retail chains are described in terms of number of existing stores, level of sales, undertaken strategies and plans for growth and addition of new outlets. Leading health and beauty retailers, as well as direct and online sellers are evaluated in terms of their value and market share.

Find out which distribution channels are largest and busiest, which enjoy the biggest prospects for growth, and which are losing in importance, which trends dominate the market and the extent and direction of market growth by reading this timely document. Professionals involved in directing and managing retail cosmetic production, distribution and marketing will want to make it an integral part of their planning and strategic operations. Financial and investment services providers, consulting and business analysis specialists and commerce and industry organisations will all find something valuable to take away from this report and use regularly in the course of performing their regular business duties and special projects. Retail market of cosmetics in Poland 2013, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015 is a helpful asset in estimating product demand, assessing potential for growth in the market or in a specific segment or conducting a detailed analysis of the competitive environment.

This document delivers data and analysis concerning:

• Economic conditions in Poland and their influence on the market
• Valuation of the overall market, its key segments and the primary distribution channels
• Features and characteristics of specific market segments
• The distribution network: health and beauty retailers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount store chains and other grocery retailers, pharmacies, online and direct sales and more
• Market trends and external factors that fuel and/or obstruct growth
• Leading health and beauty retail chains: total sales, expansion strategies and number of outlets in operation
• Consumer viewpoint presented via the results of a survey of Polish cosmetics customers, carried out for the third time in a row
• The future of the market through detailed forecasts to 2015.

This report reveals answers to key questions, such as:

• How much is the cosmetics market in Poland worth? Which are its key segments and what are their values?
• In what ways and to what degree will this market develop in the years ahead?
• Which factors will exert the most profound influence on market growth?
• Which companies are the most significant market operators?
• What are the conditions in the competitive environment?
• Which distribution channels lead the market in value?
• What trends have market analysts observed recently?
• Which products do Polish consumers prefer? Where do they shop for cosmetics and how much do they typically spend?

Unique features of this report include:

• Analysis of the newest cosmetic market trends
• Survey results revealing consumer feedback on products, most popular shopping places, online shopping, retailer promotions, private label products, expenditures on cosmetics and more.
• Precise forecasts for cosmetic market growth to 2015.

Selected brands analysed in this report:

Advent International, A.S. Watson, Avon, Colgate-Palmolive Poland, Coty Polska, Dayli, Douglas, Drogerie Koliber, Drogerie Laboo, Drogerie Natura, Drogerie Polskie, Drogerie Sekret Urody, Drog Store, Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare, Hebe, Henkel Polska, Hygienika, Inglot, Interchem, Jeronimo Martins, Johnson & Johnson Poland, Kosmeteria – Eksperci Urody, Laboratorium Kosmetyczne Dr Irena Eris, L'Occitane, L'Oreal Polska, Marionnaud, Nivea Polska, Oceanic, Organique, Oriflame, Polbita, Procter & Gamble Polska, Rossmann, Sephora, Super-Pharm, TAP DayliVertriebs, Unilever Polska, Yves Rocher, Ziaja.

This report has been prepared to assist:

• Executives, management and marketing teams at companies engaged in the retail sales of cosmetics
• Companies engaged in the production and/or distribution of cosmetic and paper products
• Financial and investment professionals
• Organisations focused on the promotion of commerce and industry
• Governmental agencies
• Providers of business consulting, research and analysis services.

The business intelligence contained in this document is particularly useful in:

• Formulating and executing plans for market entry
• Building a compendium of competitive analysis
• Evaluating the potential for growth in the market and its segments
• Building a successful corporate strategy
• Gauging saturation in the Polish cosmetics market
• Calculating demand within the industry for products and distribution channels.

Extract from this report

• The export directions for cosmetics are much more varied than the markets where the imported products come from. The ten largest exporter countries generate more than two thirds of the value of export, while the top ten importers account for as much as 86% of cosmetics import.
• According to the research of PMR, most people buy cosmetics in the chain of health and beauty stores Rossmann (54%), Avon consultants (17%) and from local, brandless cosmetics stores (13%). Large area stores, such as Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Real or Kaufland, also generate a large share of the market – jointly 18%.
• Three categories with the highest advertising budgets are hair care, skin care and dental care, in total over a half of the spending of cosmetic companies (47.8%).

Methodology 11
Executive summary 15
Overview of Polish economy 25
Findings of a consumer survey among consumers purchasing cosmetics 39
Value of the cosmetics market 65
Exports and imports of cosmetics 75
Advertising activity in the cosmetics industry 81
Largest cosmetic retailers and leading health and beauty care chains 95
Distribution channels 99
Overview of selected product segments 143
List of graphs 167
List of tables 171
About PMR 173

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