Retail Outlets Can Now Profit from Customers Needing Electricity Access for e-Bikes and Laptops

Oct 13, 2010, 08:36 ET from 2D2C, Inc.

Pay-per-charge service makes recharging batteries as easy as buying long-distance minutes

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL and KITCHENER, ON, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ - Retailers across North America can now offer a revolutionary new service to customers whose cell phones, iPads, computers, e-bikes, e-scooters and other electronic devices need a charge. 2D2C, Inc.'s new SafePlug(R) Model 1200-P3 pay-per-use electrical outlet makes it safe and easy for retailers to provide pay-per-use electrical outlet access to the public.

"Customers will be able to purchase a pre-paid card that entitles them to a number of charges. They will simply touch the card to the SafePlug electrical outlet to have access to power for a set period of time to use or recharge their electronic device," said Steven Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer at 2D2C, Inc. "In today's world, recharging electronic devices and vehicles anytime, anywhere is going to be a necessity."

Everyone can relate to the frustration of running out of battery charge on computers or handheld devices prior to taking a long flight, or being stuck in a remote location with no means to recharge. Montgomery anticipates high demand for the SafePlug outlets in convenience stores, airports, hotel lobbies, malls and more. The device received eager interest on October 8, 2010 from retail store owners at the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) trade show in Atlanta

The SafePlug 1200-P3's patented technology adds a high-value and high-return offering for retailers, while being affordable and convenient for users (for more detail go to: The P3 pre-paid cards required to activate the outlets are available in either a plastic key-fob version or a credit-card sized paper version. The cards can carry retailer labeling and color advertising information for added benefit and can be dispensed from kiosks or at the counter.

The SafePlug 1200-P3 outlet will turn on electricity to its receptacle socket only after it reads a P3TM pre-paid card. The P3 card will be pre-loaded with a set number of fixed duration, charge-time credits. For example, a 20-minute charge time can typically restore 30-40 percent capacity for Li-ion rechargeable batteries commonly used in newer e-bicycles, e-mopeds, laptops and cell phones. Montgomery feels that most customers stuck for power won't mind the wait.

"It's truly a revolutionary design due to its built-in security to prevent 'power theft' by users who haven't pre-paid. The SafePlug outlet has LED indicators to show when it's charging and the credits left on the P3TM Pre-Paid Power card," said Montgomery. "The SafePlug system incorporates a lot of the features customers are familiar with when buying long-distance minutes or using an ATM, so it's going to be easy for people to start using the service."

The device even has 'anti-bully' technology to prevent someone from removing a customer's charge plug and inserting their own; the outlet will recognize the change of equipment and cut off the power feed. For the retailer's peace of mind, the SafePlug 1200-P3 system has built-in security features to prevent tampering with the pre-paid-cards or counterfeiting.

"The possibilities for this product are only limited by imagination," said Montgomery. "Wherever people are living, working, travelling or relaxing, they take electronic devices and the reality is, even the most sophisticated device is useless without a charge."

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2D2C, Inc. ( develops electrical wiring innovations for safety, energy and security. 2D2C, Inc. holds a number of patents on electrical safety and wiring devices and licenses its technology to other companies. Additionally, 2D2C, Inc. sells its own "SafePlug" product brand ( (SafePlug is a registered trademark and P3 is a trademark of 2D2C, Inc.) 2D2C, Inc., a Delaware company, was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Lincolnshire, IL and operational facilities in Kitchener, ON Canada.