Retirement Clearinghouse Tops $10 Billion Mark in Savings Guided Through the Workplace Retirement System

Personal Assistance, Retirement Account Consolidation Keys to Successful Retirement Saving

Oct 08, 2013, 09:00 ET from Retirement Clearinghouse, LLC





CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Retirement Clearinghouse, LLC (RCH) has surpassed $10 billion in guiding retirement savings through the retirement system, reaching this milestone by helping execute automatic rollovers, roll-ins and other account consolidation actions while also providing Safe Harbor IRA's.

Recognized by the industry for innovation in retirement account consolidation, RCH has worked with more than:

  • 11,000 retirement plans; and
  • 700,000 retirement plan participants

"Because many of the job changers we help are at risk of dropping out of the retirement system, we're particularly proud of our most recent milestone," said J. Spencer Williams, RCH's CEO. "We have helped keep billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of participants invested in retirement by providing unbiased guidance regardless of the size of participants' account balances."

Each year, an estimated 9.5 million workers enter and exit workplace retirement plans. When they do, they often make choices that could severely compromise their retirement savings goals such as cashing out or leaving their 401(k) accounts in their former employers' plans where they often become "stranded" or lost.

Those decisions often have significant consequences for the workers themselves, the plans they leave behind, the employers who sponsor the plans, and the long-term health of the US retirement system.

RCH works with plan sponsors to provide personalized assistance and end-to-end transactional support to job changers. This assures them of professional, unbiased assistance at critical junctures in their careers, regardless of how much they have in their accounts.

Plan sponsors who use RCH's services run more efficient, cost-effective retirement plans, while also helping their participants to keep saving for retirement and consolidating their assets. 

RCH services include automatic rollovers (AROs), address search and verification for lost and missing participants, Safe Harbor IRAs, and an industry-leading roll-in program that enables participants to consolidate their savings from a former employer into their new employer's 401(k) plan.

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Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) is a leader in providing retirement plan sponsors with services to help employees consolidate their retirement savings accounts. RCH provides unbiased, personalized assistance to make consolidation easier and to promote better management of retirement savings, regardless of employees' account balance. The company's programs have been cited as a model for reducing cashouts and improving retirement outcomes for both employers and employees. RCH has guided billions of dollars through the retirement system, consolidated more than 100,000 accounts, and helped more than 700,000 Americans stay invested in retirement. An RLJ company, RCH is based in Charlotte, NC, and is on the web at


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