Returning Citizens, LLC formed to Protect Rights of Women in White-Collar

Mar 08, 2016, 13:37 ET from Returning Citizens, LLC

WASHINGTON, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 2016 Oscar winning "The Big Short" explores the depths of the 2008 financial crisis and is the perfect example of white-collar criminal activity. Front-line employees are incarcerated for crimes they may not have profited from and the big banks got away with crimes that never saw a resolution. Senator Elizabeth Warren's recent blast against the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act makes this film become more of a reality exposing criminal activity of financial institutions and regulators. Where our laws and policies are traditionally written to protect consumer criminal activity now targets an under-represented class: white-collar criminals.

A recent Baltimore Sun article identifies local level idiosyncrasies within the Maryland criminal justice system noting non-violent offenders make up over half (58%) of prison admissions each year with the average sentence length jumping 25% in the last decade. Women face more injustice; a Pew Research article states 56% of indicted women did not profit from fraud charges. Non-violent offenders are often left without proper representation or political power to fight charges.

Upon returning home, non-violent offenders are often subject to the stereotypes of violent criminals. The fear of recidivism troubles employers, banks, family and friends who often do not understand the details of an individual case. These stereotypes not only make it difficult to secure a job, but also makes offenders perfect targets for identity theft, mortgage fraud or other related crimes.

Offenders traditionally go into prison with good credit, mortgages and financial responsibilities to be managed and monitored by trusted accountants and bankers. Returning citizens are less likely to receive adequate representation and often have to disprove personal involvement before beginning the lengthy process of determining a culprit. This process makes it easier for the culprit to hide truths, assert wrongful allegations and almost get away with the perfect crime.

A new special interest project, Returning Citizens, LLC has been launched to better protect the basic human rights of those returning from incarceration, specifically women in the white collar division. Please visit, to follow specific cases and developments and more information about this project.

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