Rev. Luis Cortes, Jr. Urges Passage of Senate Immigration Bill

Jun 27, 2013, 13:55 ET from Esperanza

PHILADELPHIA, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "On behalf of Esperanza's national network of over 13,000 Hispanic clergy, faith leaders, congregations and community non-profits – from Roman Catholic to Pentecostal – I urge Senators from both parties to vote 'Yes' on the Senate Immigration Bill," said Rev. Luis Cortes, Jr, Esperanza president & CEO.

"We all want America's borders secured.  S. 744 takes important steps to finally secure America's borders.  S. 744 provides a fair and just system – that is not amnesty – for the undocumented to come forward, get right with the law and be free of the danger and the fear of living in the shadows.  S. 744 is also an important step towards meeting the future workforce needs of America's vibrant 21st century economy.  

"Just last week, over 300 clergy and community leaders from Esperanza's network – representing 30 states – held nearly 100 meetings with Members of Congress in Washington D.C. – House & Senate – Republican and Democrat – during the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. We were encouraged by the number of Members and staff genuinely engaged in figuring out how to fix this mess of an immigration system.

"Esperanza pastors will proudly stand with Senators who vote for S. 744 – and House Members working to find real, workable and just solutions as they wrestle with the many complex challenges of fixing a completely dysfunctional immigration system." 

Esperanza, the premiere Hispanic Evangelical faith-based network in the country, was founded in 1987 by the Reverend Luis Cortes Jr. and the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity.  With a national network of over 13,000 Hispanic clergy and congregations and 500 faith and community based agencies, Esperanza is a leading voice for Hispanics in America.

SOURCE Esperanza