Revelytix Announces General Availability of Loom for Hadoop

Jun 27, 2013, 08:30 ET from Revelytix

SPARKS, Md., June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Revelytix today announced the General Availability of Loom for Hadoop, the enterprise software that makes Hadoop smarter by managing the complexity of Hadoop-based data.  

For experienced Hadoop users and their enterprises, Hadoop's data complexity is well known. Both the number of files generated and the number of data schemas are hugely more complex than with the relational database world.  For users – the data scientists and analysts who reportedly spend over 75% of their time 'munging' data, sorting through the data manually is a time-wasting productivity drag.  For enterprises, establishing the necessary data management controls is a requirement for Hadoop operations. Whether for compliance or for certainty of the data provenance used in the analyses, Loom's automatic tracking capabilities are a must for an enterprise Hadoop analytics system.

Loom Dynamic Activescan automatically tracks, parses and formats HDFS files and Hive tables.  Activescan also automatically generates schemas and data statistics.

Loom Lineage Graphs automatically track all transformations, providing an audit trail for all datasets that gives verifiable trust in the data used to generate analyses.

Loom Dataset Management is a comprehensive Hadoop metadata management solution with a simple, web UI for data scientists and data engineers.  Loom API is a robust means to simplify metadata management and data access for third-party tools, including R.

Mike Lang, Revelytix CEO commented, "Loom makes Hadoop smarter with the kind of data management demanded by Hadoop's complexity of files and schemas.  Hadoop transformations are so much more complex than in the relational world that tracking transformations has become a productivity drag on the data scientists and analysts working on big data." 

"Given how big the data complexity problem is, if Hadoop data management isn't dynamic, then the data isn't being managed.  Loom Activescan and Loom Lineage Graphs deliver a complete solution for this problem.  Loom makes the whole process of finding the data and being certain of the evolution of the datasets in Hadoop manageably simpler.  Given the need for appropriate enterprise Hadoop data management controls and the productivity benefits from managing the data for the user, a Hadoop analytics system is NOT enterprise-ready without the critical data management capabilities of Loom."

Loom is compatible with the major Hadoop enterprise software distributions and is available immediately.

Revelytix provides Loom for Hadoop - software that makes data scientists more productive by managing the complexity of Hadoop-based data.

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