Revitalize your Health with Lap Band Revision Surgery

The popularity of lap band has led to an increased demand for intricate revision treatments, and the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates is up to the challenge

Jun 26, 2014, 20:57 ET from Dr. Feiz and Associates

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For those who have suffered a failed lap band treatment, there's still plenty of reason to stay positive thanks to the remarkably effective lap band revision surgery performed frequently at Dr. Feiz and Associates. As a revision surgery, lap band to sleeve gastrectomy requires meticulous precision and supreme surgical skill. Fortunately, while every circumstance is different, the renowned Dr. Michael Feiz can usually set patients back on the right track through sleeve gastrectomy after lap band.

In recent years, a growing number of people have found success through a variety of surgical weight loss procedures - with lap band being one of the most popular options. After undergoing the treatment at Dr. Feiz and Associates, individuals who have struggled with weight loss issues for years can achieve safe, rapid weight loss, without suffering from feelings of hunger or a lack of energy. In many cases, patients of Dr. Feiz have seen a marked decrease in symptoms of obesity like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and much more.

Yet, while lap band is minimally invasive and relatively simple, the procedure might lead to difficult complications or a failure to lose the desired weight when performed by a lesser surgeon. Band slippage, a failure to meet one's weight loss goals, and various other issues can cause frustration, despair, and other issues. For some people, the lap band is simply not the ideal weight loss option and the reliability of such procedures as the gastric sleeve is preferable. (The sleeve procedure may be particularly effective as it significantly reduces the production of ghrelin, a powerful hunger hormone.) Dr. Feiz will speak to every patient to make sure he understands their specific health concerns and weight loss goals before using his world-class surgical skill to perform the intricate lap band revision process. 

As led by one of the world's most celebrated weight loss surgeons, the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates consists of various health professionals who are dedicated to ensuring top results for every patient. This has helped to ensure that every patient Dr. Feiz treats feels comfortable and free of the anxiety that is common - and understandable - prior to any surgical procedure.

A lap band can be a truly positive change in one's life, but the procedure is not the right fit for everyone. If you haven't lost weight as effectively as you'd hoped, or you're suffering complications due to a problematic procedure under a lesser surgeon, treatment from the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates might be the ideal option for your needs. To learn more about revision bariatric procedures, or to inquire about a free seminar at Dr. Feiz's offices, please call 800-868-5946 or visit the doctor's web site at

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