Reviver™ Debuts 'World's First Dry Deodorant For Clothes' At Walgreens™

Reviver Launches Freshening Swipes, A New Category of Consumer Goods, Now Available Nationwide

Oct 08, 2013, 11:51 ET from Kusin & Kusin Ltd.

DALLAS, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Life stinks.  Literally.  Whether we smoke, eat, travel, work, or sweat, malodor always finds a way into our lives and onto our clothes and hair.  While there are countless solutions for combatting bad breath between brushings – gum, breath mints, breath spray, and even breath strips – there are virtually zero ways to freshen our clothes and hair between washings. Astoundingly, consumers have lacked an effective and economical solution for on-the-go freshness – until now.


Reviver, invented by Kusin & Kusin Ltd., is the world's first dry deodorant for clothes and hair, and is now available nationwide at Walgreens in the laundry aisle.

The launch at the nation's largest drugstore chain marks the arrival of a new category of consumer packaged goods.  Reviver is a revolutionary odor-neutralizing dry swipe that lets you instantly and discreetly 'swipe away the everyday.'  Like breath mints for clothes and hair, Reviver lets you bring freshness and confidence wherever you go. 

Each swipe is packaged in a resealable packet and delivers multiple uses.The resealable packaging provides customers the convenience of storing it in a purse, pocket, briefcase, car or desk. To use, simply slip the swipe over your fingers and rub against your clothing or hair. The wiping action releases proprietary non-toxic compounds that safely neutralize odor-causing elements without damaging clothing.

"Confidence is king.  We all want to look, feel and smell our best whenever and wherever we go.  Our clothes and hair shouldn't be exempt from that aspiration" said Ben Kusin, CEO of Kusin & Kusin. "Everyone leads such busy lives, and everyone deserves a quick freshen up, so we created Reviver for people to 'swipe on the confidence' so they are at their best throughout the day.  We are excited to launch our product in-store at Walgreens, and we look forward to helping their customers stay fresh."

On a date?  Having a smoke?  Heading into an important meeting?  On mommy or daddy duties?  Cooking dinner?  Taking a flight?  Riding the subway? Out with friends?  Man or woman, young or old, there's always a reason to have a Reviver handy.  Sick of washing or dry cleaning clothes just because they smell a little off?  Rub on a little Reviver, wear a little longer, and save money between unnecessary cleanings.

Reviver can be found on a clip strip in the laundry aisle of Walgreens and is available for $2.99 per multi-use swipe.

Reviver launched Reviver Pets - a pet product line for dogs and cats - sold exclusively at Petco in July 2013. For more information about Reviver, visit or and follow us on Twitter at @Reviver. 

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