Revolutionary Mouse Design Nominated for "Best Work Environment Product"

Oct 16, 2012, 06:44 ET from Penclic AB

STOCKHOLM, October 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Penclic AB has been nominated for the Swedish Best Work Environment Product Award, which will be presented by Swedish Trade Journal Du & Jobbet at this year's edition of the Working Life convention, held at Stockholm Waterfront on October 17th. The nominees have been singled out by user voting on the Du & Jobbet website.

Penclic is nominated with its innovative Penclic computer mouse, a complete rethink of the traditional mouse device. Similar in shape to a standing pen in a holder, the Penclic mouse allows a more natural and relaxed working position, which results in significantly reduced tension and wear on arm muscles and shoulders, often ascribed to extensive work with computer mice.

"We are very happy to have been nominated," says Penclic CEO, Stina Wahlqvist. "Apart from being a welcomed recognition of our long and hard labour with the product, the nomination also presents an excellent opportunity to increase awareness about our device's many advantages over the traditional mouse, both ergonomically and precision-wise."

The Penclic mouse's ergonomic benefits are achieved by eliminating the need for the unnatural, twirling arm movements associated with traditional mice. The pen-shaped design extends the body's natural movements, allowing the user to work with the underarm kept linear, in a rested, flat position against the work surface.

But the advantages go beyond ergonomics. The device not only looks, feels and moves like a pen, but it also has a pen-like grip that provides a level of precision that makes it well-suited for demanding creative tasks such as photography, design and architecture. Advanced technology in combination with the ergonomic design delivers fast and precise cursor movements with minimal effort and hand motion.

The Penclic mouse is compatible with all operating systems that support HID 1.1, among these Windows XP, MacOS X and Linux/BND. It is available in two models: with USB connection and wireless.

The Best Work Environment Product Award, being held for the first time, looks to recognise and reward innovations that contribute to a better and safer work environment. The winner will be announced at the prize ceremony at Stockholm Waterfront on Wednesday, October 17th at 11.55am.

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