Revolutionary New Cyber Security Solution Recently Launched at FreedomFest 2015

NetLok™ Prevents Online Security Breach & Major Cyber Attacks

Jul 09, 2015, 07:58 ET from NetLok

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony, Anthem, J.P. Morgan Chase, and The White House. These are just some of the big cyber security breaches that populated the news recently, raising alarm among the general public, mostly about how increasingly unsafe they feel about their privacy and security online. Last year alone saw a 25% increase of cyber security breaches and attacks, which compromised 823 million records. Despite security software developments and the projected growth of the cyber security market—$170B by 2020—hackers are becoming a lot bolder, committing online security breaches with ease, in effect, costing the world economy more than $445B annually.

For such a complex and costly issue, a simple yet effective cyber security solution that strongly challenges the ability and expertise of cyber criminals is here: NetLok. Recently launched at this year's FreedomFest in Las Vegas, NV, NetLok™ is a revolutionary new cyber security system that prevents identity theft and unauthorized use of information by utilizing a patent-pending picture authentication system.

Traditional passwords, however complicated, are never safe to use. Hackers use a method called "brute force attack" wherein they run algorithms to try figuring out different passwords. Using digital images instead of traditional passwords to secure online activities, NetLok™ prevents hackers from gaining access to user accounts and offers anti-hacking detection features that take counter measures against external threats. NetLok™ also allows users to share information in a secure environment, protecting private communications. Its secured cloud-based storage vault called NetLokr™ lets users confidently and securely store and retrieve private documents, pictures, sensitive information, messages, etc.

"Weak passwords are the number one target of hackers," says Mr. Tony Perez, founder & CEO of NetLok™. "By getting rid of passwords and utilizing our revolutionary new picture authentication system, NetLok™ restores privacy and secures peace of mind to the individual user of the internet, businesses and organizations."

NetLok™ is not just for personal use. The NetLok™ security system is customized and tailored to the needs and online security pressures of companies in various industries such as banking, medical and healthcare, and even nonprofits.

For more information about NetLok™, visit or call (805) 283-4100.  For media inquiries or to speak with Mr. Perez, please contact Rajan De Los Santos at or (805) 969-3744.