Revolutionary Simulation Training Improves Sales Competence and Development

Dec 11, 2013, 03:17 ET from Customer Centric Selling Europe

LONDON, December 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Customer Centric Selling Europe (CCSE), CCS subsidiary and an integration partner specialised in implementing a customer centric sales culture, has developed a revolutionary training method for adult learning. CCSE has moulded the traditional training approach by shifting from traditional classroom training into simulating real life buying-selling scenarios. Simulation training utilises systematic sales process combined with client's self-learning through trial and error that leads to success. The approach is supported and facilitated by certified instructors providing both coaching and feedback based on observations and simulations.

According to the CEO Petteri Laine the highly positive feedback from customers show there is a need for a new training approach.

When both management and sales participate in a short activity that accurately measures and reviews both teams and your sales process effectiveness, everybody wins says Laine who has been organising Simulations in Europe, Asia and in the US.

The simulation success is based in adjusting the bias in favor of far greater delegate participation and learning by doing which grows the retention rate in excess of 90% being excellent for adult training. Such an experience eases the path for example in change management as the benefits have become clear to all interest groups in practice, not just in theory, says Laine.

Simulation training is a 24-hour game environment simulating both buying and systematic sales process. Sales management can evaluate both sales teams and the effectiveness of the sales process in practice at the same time. The value of the simulation comes from improved efficiency in organizational transformation, fact based sales force assessment and analysis of sales behavior, savings in training costs and quicker go-to-market decisions.

Watch a two-minute Simulation video:

Customer Centric Selling Europe (BSI) is an integration partner to facilitate and catalyse change management projects. BSI is specialised in helping companies in the manufacturing, high-tech and ICT industries to implement a customer centric sales culture. Many organisations such as Metso, Gartner Group, Tieto, Ekokem, Sponda and ISS Facility Management rely on Business Simulation as a proven training method for sales and account management.

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