Revolutionary Tracker Announces Debut of Wearable GPS Enabled Smartphone for Children & Seniors

Jan 08, 2013, 07:00 ET from Revolutionary Tracker, LLC

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Revolutionary Tracker, LLC, a developer and manufacturer of the world's first family location and communication platform announced today that they will now be taking orders for the industry's first wearable and tamper resistant GPS enabled smart-phone directly from their website with expectations to ship by the end of the first Quarter. These devices, suitable for children, adults and the special needs community will be powered by Rogers Communications in Canada and a soon to be announced global wireless carrier for the U.S. market.  These powerful devices will be supported by a revolutionary software platform that provides functionality and levels of information never before made available to the consumer public.  This solution is specifically designed to keep family members safe, locatable and capable of delivering 2-way conversations on-demand, it is also perfectly suited to become an invaluable anti-bullying tool.  A one-button command can call Mom, Dad or any monitoring adult, allow parents to listen in to what's going on, or send out an SOS alert with their exact location.

The Revolutionary Tracker product line's innovative solution will include the only user-friendly people management platform in the industry, real-time tracking, and instant communication capabilities on a variety of web based devices such as, smart- phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Their breakthrough line of wearable GPS enabled/3G smart-phone trackers and communication devices are each specifically designed to address the unique requirements of kids, seniors, the cognitively impaired elderly and special needs children. Their "One size definitely does NOT fit all" approach to the device side of the equation demanded they develop an entire product line of wearable devices that would specifically address as well as be aesthetically appealing and appropriate for all the different members of the family.  This is just one of the key differentiators that sets Revolutionary Tracker apart from anyone else in their space.  Intuitive software, the other component of the integrated platform, will allow the customer to host location-based conference calls with all tracked devices in an affiliated group, display key information of multiple users within a single screen and toggle back and forth from group detail to individual maps and other highly relevant data. Simple, at-a-glance screens and dashboards of multiple users make grasping an entire family's whereabouts and well-being an easy task to accomplish.  Revolutionary Tracker has developed and is manufacturing in the United States the best of breed tracking devices and the only truly user friendly people management platform in the industry.

Revolutionary Tracker has conceptualized and built a unique, location based people tracking and communication service that will become an invaluable family awareness tool. The company provides parents, caregivers, schools and other responsible parties with the ability to ensure the safety of loved ones through advanced monitoring and communications capabilities.  Their unique platform delivers at-a-glance instant situational awareness of all family members including the most at-risk and vulnerable ones.  The company also offers similar tracking capabilities for seniors, elderly with specials needs and mobile workers exposed to potential danger in their work environment.  Rogers Communications, one of the world's leading wireless carriers with significant infrastructure and network capabilities will provide a robust and stable environment for the Revolutionary platform to grow and perform unparalleled service levels to many North American consumer markets as well as a host of European regions.  Rogers' coverage will compliment Revolutionary Tracker's soon to be announced U.S. based cellular partner.  Rogers also owns many media properties in the print, digital and broadcast arenas delivering access to a significant customer base for Revolutionary Tracker to market to. 

About Revolutionary Tracker, LLC: This tech start-up has innovated in the people tracking space by integrating two-way communications into a wearable GPS location based system.  Areas of focus include increasing the safety of infants, children, special needs children, mobile & remote workers and seniors (with or without cognitive impairment or wandering tendencies).  The company's website is:

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