Reynolds Unveils New Advertising Campaign: Experience Reynolds Retail Management System

Changing the way work gets done in dealerships; the way consumers experience dealerships; and the business results for the dealer.

Feb 09, 2013, 11:00 ET from The Reynolds and Reynolds Company

DAYTON, Ohio, Feb. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading into the 2013 National Automobile Dealers Association show in Orlando, Reynolds and Reynolds unveiled a new advertising campaign to put the spotlight on Reynolds Retail Management System.  The new campaign invites automotive dealers to "experience Reynolds Retail Management System" to transform how work is done in the dealership, how consumers experience the dealership, and the business results dealerships can achieve.

"The dealership business is undergoing a fundamental retail transformation that now requires dealers to win the retailing battle inside the four walls of the dealership and outside the four walls, where the automotive retailing experience of today begins for consumers," said Reynolds and Reynolds President Ron Lamb.  "If you reflect on what's happened since the recession, there are a number of trends for automotive retailers that are hard to ignore."

Lamb noted three of the most influential trends.

  • There are far fewer dealerships today than before the recession to serve a growing consumer population.  "This puts more pressure on dealerships for better productivity and efficiency," Lamb said. 
  • New vehicle quality across the board has improved dramatically and brands are looking for other ways to distinguish their products.  "The dealership experience is an increasingly important part of that equation, too," he said. 
  • Finally, a number of social megatrends – from the expectation for instant information on mobile devices to the influence of other retail experiences – are now being applied to the experience of buying a car or servicing one. 

"So, as we observed the changes in the automotive world and the pressures that were beginning to impinge on dealers," Lamb said, "we realized that the same tools and solutions that had been around for some time, applied in the traditional way, would not help dealerships thrive and capitalize on the opportunities in this brave new, hypercompetitive world of automotive retailing."

In response, during the past five years, Reynolds has put its know-how and financial investment toward developing a comprehensive Retail Management System to help dealers meet these changing market forces and respond to rapidly changing consumer expectations around how cars are sold and serviced.

The new ad campaign will spotlight the solutions that Reynolds has built as part of the Reynolds Retail Management System.

Lamb said, "Reynolds Retail Management System is designed to improve the dealership's total business performance, enhance the consumer's total retail experience, and coordinate the actions of dealership personnel to function better as a total team."

Lamb also noted how the software tools and services in the Reynolds Retail Management System are built together to work together.  "It makes a difference when you start out building solutions to work together rather than patching together fragmented products and then worrying about how the different products will communicate back and forth reliably."

Lamb concluded:  "As the automotive industry continues to change, Reynolds is committed to staying in front of those changes every step of the way with our customers and helping dealers meet increased demands for productivity in their operations and for an improved, memorable consumer experience with the dealership."

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