Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs) a Popular Gift in the Iranian Community for Persian New Year as Well as a Rite of Passage for Young Women

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has dedicated his career and teachings to the art of rhinoplasty. His passion for this highly meticulous form of plastic surgery is in the area of 'Ethnic Rhinoplasty' which gives patients results that enhance the beauty of their ancestral facial features instead of altering them. As with many aspects of Beverly Hills plastic surgery, this demands an understanding of 'ethno-facial' balance.

Mar 08, 2011, 20:26 ET from Ghavami Plastic Surgery Public Relations

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose surgery, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States and abroad. While many look down on this particular type of plastic surgery due to the unflattering results often seen on prominent celebrities, Dr. Ghavami feels that the veil should be lifted, "This does not have to be a procedure to fear, as natural results are more possible now than ever. Our goal should be to challenge the standard notion of rhinoplasty as producing 'tell-tale' changes to the central triangle of beauty on the face." This is done by providing patients with nose surgeries that enhance facial harmony, without sacrificing the patient's ethnic facial attributes. The highly aesthetic and natural looking results that Dr. Ghavami achieves have made his rhinoplasty a popular gift among the Beverly Hills Persian community, as well as patients of multiple ethnic backgrounds who were once fearful of looking "weird" from rhinoplasty.

In Dr. Ghavami's ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, significant planning and skill goes into reshaping the nose in a way that preserves the patient's ethnic look, whether it's African American, Iranian, Arabic, Asian, etc.... Whereas some plastic surgeons employ a "cookie cutter" approach to their patients or take short cuts, "ethno-sensitive" rhinoplasty techniques performed by Dr. Ghavami take a highly individualized 'open' approach, in which every aspect of the patient's facial features is taken into account and advanced surgical techniques are used. It is through this approach that Dr. Ghavami is able to supply his patients with a refined nose that fits and complements unique ethnic features, giving the face a new and flattering sense of harmony. Poorly performed rhinoplasties have been the source of extensive public scrutiny with prime examples being shown throughout the media; however Dr. Ghavami believes that even in these cases, careful revision or secondary surgery can restore the face back to harmony through use of cartilage grafts and other techniques. There is almost always hope. It is through skilled and well-planned rhinoplasties that the stigma of rhinoplasty is quickly melting away, with some cultures even embracing it as a gift. As a matter of fact, rhinoplasty has become a popular gift in Persian culture. Many Persians choose to give rhinoplasty to friends or loved ones as a present for the upcoming Persian New Year. The large Persian community in Beverly Hills is embracing rhinoplasty as a valuable gift for birthdays and high school graduations as well.

Dr. Ghavami's extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery, performing innovative ethnic and revision rhinoplasty, as well as S- Curve(TM) buttock augmentation, flash recovery Beverly Hills breast augmentation and many other procedures, has allowed him to be rewarded with countless success stories from his patients. His professional writings have appeared in plastic surgery textbooks and journals, and his expertise in the field has been consulted for a number of media outlets, including prime time television programs.

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