Rich Gorman Announces 2012 Best CPA Networks

Direct Response marketing guru Rich Gorman has announced his rankings for the best CPA networks currently in operation.

Oct 30, 2012, 06:00 ET from Rich Gorman

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- During the dawning era of the Internet, opportunities for online marketing and money-making were a dime a dozen, with numerous affiliate advertising networks providing resources for enterprising and Web-savvy marketers. As the Internet has matured, however, the affiliate marketing industry has undergone seismic shifts, with many once-promising affiliate networks falling by the wayside, and a few big names emerging as the true industry titans. Now, there are only a handful of cost-per-action (CPA) networks that are reputable enough to earn the widespread acclaim of online marketing professionals; one such marketing pro, Rich Gorman, has unveiled his own list of the 2012 Best CPA Networks, hoping to provide insight to industry novices and veterans alike. He has shared his rankings in a new statement to the press.

Known as a leading figure and a trailblazer within his field, Rich Gorman is best known via his personal brand, Direct Response. Gorman is a prolific blogger, using his Direct Response venue to provide affiliate marketers with up-to-date information about the trends shaping the industry. His 2012 Best CPA Networks list is an example of exactly that. "To a large extent, finding success in this line of work is contingent upon locating the best networks," Gorman explains. "This new list provides insight that is culled from the many marketers who I have spoken with, as well as my own professional judgment. The hope is that the list provides some help to those seeking the right connections—and, that it provides even greater visibility to these very deserving networks!"

Gorman's choice for the #1 CPA network in the world is Clickbooth, which Gorman says has enjoyed its share of "ups and downs" in recent years, only to emerge as the industry's preeminent network. "Clickbooth focuses on cultivating exclusive affiliate and advertiser relationships," notes Gorman. "They house some of the best, highest volume affiliates around, and they have done a peerless job at fostering a great online culture."

Rich Gorman awards his #1 Health and Beauty CPA Network honor to OasisAds, and he says that this distinction is a crucial one to note. "Simply put, the Health and Beauty vertical is the most profitable one in the industry, period," he remarks. Meanwhile, a network called Ads4Dough earns Gorman's recognition as the #1 Broad Range Products/Services CPA. "In the last year, Ads4Dough has focused its efforts on financial lead generation, dating, and other broad range service," he explains. "It is no exaggeration to say that this network brings true leadership and vision to an ever-changing field."

A network called MobAff earns Gorman's endorsement as the #1 Mobile CPA Network. The Millionaire Affiliate Network, meanwhile, is his selection for the #1 E-mail CPA Network. "At this network, it is really a case of feast or famine," Gorman notes. "If you can make it into their Top 3 list of offers performing well via e-mail, then you stand to enjoy a truly enormous volume. If you do not make it into the Top 3, then you likely will not really enjoy much benefit—but there is real potential here, without question."

Rich Gorman rounds out his list of the 2012 Best CPA Networks with several other contenders, all of which he deems to be worthy. This list includes another Health and Beauty entrant, Ads Direct. Additionally, Gorman names Mundo Media, Convert2Media, W4, CrushAds, and BlueTrackMedia.

Ultimately, Gorman's hope is that this list of networks serves as a sort of compass for those involved in his industry. "The affiliate marketing business has undergone huge changes in recent years, and these tectonic shifts have left many of us feeling a bit disoriented," he says. "My hope is that this provision of essential CPA networks has a kind of re-orienting effect, pointing to the sources of stability and consistency that those in the affiliate marketing game might need."


Rich Gorman is a serial entrepreneur and a true pioneer in the direct response marketing industry. His personal brand, Direct Response, is one of the foremost names in the online marketing community, and, via his Direct Response blog, Mr. Gorman prolifically writes about the trends shaping the field. His goal is to provide those within his industry with direct response tactics, intended to put competitors out of business. Direct Response can be accessed at

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