Richard I. Fine... How to Disqualify Your Judge & Get a New Trial: Full Disclosure Network® Online Video

Mar 23, 2011, 06:10 ET from Full Disclosure Network

WASHINGTON, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former US Prosecutor Dr. Richard I Fine explains in a Full Disclosure Network® online video how citizens can disqualify a State Judge who is "on the take".  He cites all 430 California Superior Court Judges in LA County can be disqualified by citizens who have been involved in litigation against the County of Los Angeles in the last two decades. According to Dr. Fine, if you lost your case and did not know your judge was getting money from the County, he says you can "Null & Void" your Judge's Order and get a new trial.  Watch Video:


If you paid money to the County you now have a chance to recover that money, according to Fine who has already disqualified five judges "On the Take" in his cases. That is why he was locked up for 18 months in LA County Jail, without being charged or convicted of a crime.   Now Dr. Fine is willing show people how to get JUSTICE.  Featured on the Full Disclosure® website are free downloadable files with  Dr. Fine's Motions to "Null & Void" that were used by him to disqualify five Judges in his case so far.    


Richard Fine suggests that people can file "In Pro-Per" or ask your attorney to use the  "template" Motions to Null & Void the Judge's decision by downloading information cited in the following steps:

Step 1     Contact LA County Auditor-Controller by the E-mail listed to request the amount of County money given to your judge since 1987. A sample request and contact information are at the link below Step 2.  

Step 2     Download and or print Richard Fine's TEMPLATE Motions to Disqualify, Null & Void  your Judge's Orders from links at this URL:

Step 3     Send a copy of your Motion with Case number to Full Disclosure Network®  at   So Full Disclosure can follow and report on YOUR case.

Thirty-minute versions of the online video are coming soon to Public Access cable channels in California and US cities.

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