RichRank Brings the Traditional 'Rich List' to Web 2.0

Jun 30, 2010, 08:08 ET from

VAXJO, Sweden, June 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- To be No.1 on a ranking list is a dream shared by many; Getting to the top is usually accompanied by an extraordinary effort. Not on just a few clicks and anyone can be ranked No.1. Provided one has the wherewithal.

Good news for anyone who wants to be on top of a ranking list as fast and easy as possible. The solution is called RichRank and is the world's first ranking list where anyone can be a No.1, simply by showing the ability to be paying the highest amount. "Anyone can create a personal entry - businesses that want to advertise and get traffic for their websites, private people who want to present themselves or even those who simply like to draw attention from others and display their financial wealth to the world", says Matthias.

In short, the concept works like this: every participant pays an amount, free of choice and thereby sets the value of one's entry. The one with the highest placed value is ranked in first position; the one with the second highest value is ranked in second position and so on.

Competition for the rich is not only appealing to those people who want to take part in an extraordinary competition for wealthy people, but also draws the attention of those who simply like to follow unusual ideas and who might ask themselves "How much did someone pay to be No.1?", "Who is it?" or "Is it still possible to earn some bucks with such a business idea?" The fact that any amount can be paid at any time makes it even more interesting to visit the website.

Whatever amount any participant has paid to be shown on RichRank, at least 20 percent of the total revenue will be donated to charity organisations like The Red Cross.

Matthias got the inspiration for this quirky business idea one day when he was checking the Forbes Rich List and wondering how it would feel to be ranked close to Bill Gates. When realizing that the way up there would presumably be almost impossible and that probably many others feel the same, he decided to simply make his own rich list - open to anyone. Now, the launch of the website will be promoted not only in the USA but also in Europe and later on in countries like Russia, China and Dubai.