Ridesharing Pioneer Avego To Airlift Commuters Above BART Strike Chaos

-- San Francisco to face worst traffic jams in 15 years, HOV lanes only hope for most --

Jul 01, 2013, 06:09 ET from Avego

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The San Francisco BART Strike, announced at midnight PST, promises to induce the largest traffic jams in the Bay Area since 1997, when the last BART strike paralyzed the roads.

For people who need to get to work this week, the best option is to rideshare with their neighbors. The Avego app, used in and promoted by several Bay Area counties, is the most widely accepted app in California for commuters to instantly arrange to carpool together.

To highlight the issue, Avego will pick up 4 stranded commuters daily via helicopter and transport them between San Francisco and the East Bay - far above the traffic chaos below.

In explaining why Avego has launched the helicopter commuting offer, Avego CEO Sean O'Sullivan said, "We were looking for a really visual way for people to understand the difference between being stuck in highway traffic like a turkey and flying by in the HOV lane like an eagle. Be an eagle, not a turkey."

Commuters who intend to drive are appealed to go to http://bartstrike.com to learn more about how to use the Avego app to share the empty seats in their car.  Not only will they recover some of their commute costs by filling those seats, they'll also have access to the critically important HOV lanes to zip them past the overloaded SOV lanes.

Commuters who normally use BART or drivers who are willing to go as a rider also should go to http://bartstrike.com to find out how to rideshare with nearby users and to download the Avego app, which runs on iPhone and Android devices.

Rules of the competition are available at http://bartstrike.com/airlift.

About Avego

Founded in 2007, Avego leads the world in ridesharing technology, helping people team up to solve the commute. Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, with offices in Silicon Valley, Austin and Dublin, Avego's customers include cities, governments, public transport operators and tens of thousands of individual consumers and private transport operators. For more on Avego, see www.avego.com or download the app from the iPhone App Store or Android's Google Play.