Rift Gold Joins IGXE Hot Seller Club

Mar 25, 2011, 08:35 ET from DinoDirect China Limited

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Rift Gold as an indispensable item of the Rift game has achieved good sales performance after its release. On regard to its outstanding achievement, IGXE added it to the hot sell team.

Rift is a new MMORPG released in March 2011. The game developer intended to create Rift as a second World of Warcraft. The comparison will be pretty obvious and hard to ignore, especially given the game's tag line that "we're not in Azeroth anymore", displayed in various advertisements for this game. Different from some other imitation games, Rift makes each detail exquisite and shares fantasy scenes with players. With days multiplied, more and more gamers join Rift game, even some WoW players attempt to experience this new attraction. All these factors caused Rift Plat to directly become the hottest virtual currency among the trade market. Based on the market reaction, IGXE decided to add Rift Gold to the hot seller club, and it means customers can share more discounts and stock guarantee from now on.

IGXE best seller contains lots of hot products, such as WoW Gold, Atlantica Gold, Eq Plat, RS Gold and so forth. IGXE has mastered measures to ensure it provides a stable supply and high quality service for hot game players. "We have already organized a special team to deal with hot seller orders, not merely providing discounts, fast and safe delivery is our fundamental pursuit," said Anson, Services Department Supervisor. Take an example by Wow Gold, IGXE has abundant stock for almost all servers, even though it crossed more than 200 servers.

Rift, as a new blood, has an enormous impact on World of Warcraft. As known to all, WoW Gold has occupied top sales positions since the game was released in 2004. Many experts even predict that no one could break its record, however, with the game industry developed rapidly, various games attracted gamers eyes. "We must admit that World of Warcraft will be on the wane sooner or later, and new competitors will take its place or get equal to it. I fancy Rift will be the new market leader one day," said Vinson, supervisor of the marketing department.

Miss Anson also said, "We sincerely welcome comment and suggestions, and it is the motive power to urge us to keep forwarding." As the bellwether of the virtual currency market, IGXE sticks to offering cheap goods and the best services to customers. Making customers enjoy IGXE always will be the first target of the IGXE team.

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