RingPlus Connects you to Your Friends and Family Beyond Calling

Starting August 20, All Phones Will Run on the Latest Android Platform and Will have Access to Sprint's 3G and 4G (WiMAX) Networks

Jul 26, 2012, 11:00 ET from RingPlus

LOS ANGELES, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A better way to connect with friends and family is arriving on Aug. 20, 2012. RingPlus, a brand-new cell phone service built from the ground-up with the online social community in mind, allows for greater customization of ringback tones than ever before. Users will experience more functionality and the first ever interactive ringback tones, as well as a brand new social medium "mixcess" built exclusively for the new generation of cellphone users.  The affordable cell phone service features a simple to understand pricing structure with no-long term contracts, and all RingPlus members will receive a dividend in the form of credit on their monthly cell phone bills. All phone calls, SMS and data used by RingPlus members will be carried across Sprint's (NYSE: S) Nationwide, 3G and 4G (WiMAX) networks.

RingPlus' online community platform, "Mixcess," allows members to connect with one another, create customized interactive ringback tones and view their monthly bills in one easy to use website and Android App. Additional features of the Mixcess community platform include, complimentary parental control options and customize the amount of each type of content played during the ringback tone.

One of the many benefits of RingPlus, and in keeping with their dedication to community, is that all members will receive a monthly dividend in the form of a credit on their monthly bill. That credit will grow automatically as more members sign up for plans, and RingPlus envisions that one day it will be large enough to reduce members' bills to zero.

"RingPlus is designed to be a community of like minded individuals who have grown frustrated with restrictive service offerings and expensive cell phone plans," said RingPlus Chief Executive Officer Karl Seelig. "We're excited about the launch because we've worked hard to provide our members with the most innovative cell phone service, based upon years of research and development."

On special occasions, members can elect to hear relevant deals during the ringback tone, which save them between 25%-30% on products they actually use via instant mobile couponing. For example, when calling a pizza chain for delivery, they may hear a deal from a competitor chain and by pressing 5 on the keypad, they will be connected to the competitor instead.

Monthly calling plans carry a low-rate with no annual fees of 2 cents, 3 cents and 4 cents per every minute of voice, SMS sent & received and 1 MB of data used.  The plans carry a monthly minimum of $45, $35, and $25, respectively.

Consistent with its commitment to quality of service and value to the consumer, RingPlus will offer only premium phones from top manufacturers like HTC, LG and Samsung. All phones will come pre-loaded with the latest version of the Android OS available for each handset. The phones, which are now available for pre-sale for residents of Los Angeles, Palo Alto, CA, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Miami and New York at RingPlus.net, will retail between $220 and $400 for 4G-enabled devices, and will interact seamlessly with Mixcess and other RingPlus network features.

RingPlus phones are available for special pre-sale order pricing starting today at RingPlus.net. Phones that are available include the LG Viper 4G LTE running Android Ice Cream Sandwich for $445, LG Optimus Elite for $245 and Samsung Galaxy SII (4G WiMAX) for $545. Both the Optimus Elite and Galaxy SII are running Gingerbread (2.3.7).

In honor of the pre-sale and impending launch, RingPlus is giving away one smart phone with a complimentary year of service on its Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/RingPlusMobile.

For a full list of RingPlus' features, please visit http://www.RingPlus.net/blog.html .

RingPlus utilizes Sprint's 3G and 4G networks, and provides its members with an enhanced network, technology and infrastructure. RingPlus phones will be available for purchase at www.ringplus.net and all orders are fulfilled safely and securely through Amazon.com. RingPlus will begin accepting www.ringplus.net.

About RingPlus

RingPlus is a cell phone service with a simple to use pricing structure integrated with social media. RingPlus provides a unique cell phone experience with the customization of ring back tones that deliver tailored messages. By using the mixcess community platform, RingPlus members can personalize messages, upload unique content and connect with friends. For more information, please visit www.RingPlus.net.

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