Rising Asian Power Reshapes Global Online Games Industry

Nov 20, 2013, 09:00 ET from GPC

BEIJING, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The rapid expansion of Internet users and an increasingly upgrading position of the online games industry in emerging Asian countries are quietly brewing a most significant revolution in the global online games market.

According to GPC, the China Game Publishers Association Publications Committee, the growing consuming intention for games in countries and regions such as China, east and southeast Asia has complicated the market size and game user numbers in Asia, and thus will boost the development of Asian power in the games industry. According to the latest research report released by Newzoo, the market share and user share of the Asia-Pacific region in the global games industry have reached 35.7% and 38.7% respectively, further strengthening the region's leading position in the industry.

In course of the development of the Asian games industry, Japan and South Korea, with their strength in console and online games respectively, became the first "developed countries" for games in Asia. Therefore, in order to promote Asian games to the world arena, game companies, including those from China, regard Japan and South Korea as important "fortresses" to draw lessons and expand market share.

Robert H. Xiao, CEO of Perfect World, thinks games as a way of entertainment shared by the whole world have prompted companies from China, Japan and South Korea to join hands in expanding into the global market in a bid to spread Oriental culture, which is both highly influential and significant.

Data revealed that Chinese game companies led by Perfect World are actively integrating global resources through PWIN- and PWIE-based investments, products and channels, which helps to accelerate the globalization process of online games in China as well as in Asia. Meanwhile, with the help of ARC, a standardized distribution platform of online games in the Asia-Pacific, games from Asian countries are being exported globally in a step-by-step manner, which supports the rise of Asian games as a power.

Analysts hold that China, Japan and South Korea are the major representatives of Asian games. Japan and South Korea are traditional game exporters, whereas China is turning from a game importer to exporter. Of China's games exports, products of Perfect World accounted for 40% of the total overseas market share, occupying the first place for six consecutive years. As the most outgoing company, Perfect World has made important contributions to the rise of Asian games in the world.

As a matter of fact, Asian games such as Swordsman Online, Devil May Cry V and Anipang have gained global recognition and influence via various end devices such as computer, console and smart phones. Against a background that Asia is leading in the global economy and the rapid popularization of smart mobile devices, the ever increasing consumption capability and subscriber number of Asian game users is shifting the global architecture of the online games industry.