Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System Launches An Audio Recording Service For Expectant Parents, Called Ritmo Connect™

Dec 14, 2010, 05:06 ET from Nuvo Group USA

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuvo Group USA announces today the launch of Ritmo Connect, a complimentary audio recording service for expectant parents to record and play messages to their unborn child.

Many expectant parents use Ritmo Pregnancy to share music with their developing baby in the womb.  However, a growing number of Ritmo Pregnancy customers, such as;

  • Expectant Dads,
  • Deployed Military Servicemen,
  • Couples using a Surrogate and
  • Expectant Grandparents

find that Ritmo provides a unique opportunity for them to bond with baby prior to birth by playing recordings of their voices in the womb.

Musician Chris Daughtry's wife, Deanna, says about Ritmo, "My husband and I were very excited to receive your product in a gift bag.  We recorded ourselves reading stories and downloaded that as well as some of my husband's music on an iPod so our Gestational Surrogate could play it for our babies using your product. THANK YOU!"

Typically, a parent's close physical proximity to a developing baby in the womb is necessary for a newborn to remember and be comforted by his or her voice.  Ritmo Connect enables expectant parents, regardless of their physical location, to prerecord audio of their voices and play them to baby using their Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System--therefore bonding with their child before he/she is even born.  These recordings are easily made for no additional charge at http://www.nuvo-group.com/ritmoconnect.

The reaction to Ritmo Connect has been phenomenal.  According to Jennifer Krejcha, a Marine Corps Spouse and Mother of 5, "Ritmo is the greatest product that I have seen for pregnant women in a while! It is a HUGE asset to a military family. Finally Dad can be a part of the pregnancy and baby can hear his voice from thousands of miles away. This feature alone makes Ritmo a must!"

Ritmo Pregnancy's winning combination of state-of-the art technology, versatility and safety, has already made it one of the fastest growing maternity products on the market. The addition of the Ritmo Connect service completes the package.  

About Nuvo

Founded in 2006 by Oren Oz, Nuvo Group, Inc., is comprised of full-time parents, who also happen to be internationally recognized engineers, award-winning designers, and entrepreneurs. Nuvo creates and manufactures innovative developmental products that are designed to create shared experiences between parents and their children.

Acclaimed for using imaginative designs, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced materials, Nuvo Group's solutions address the needs and lifestyles of modern parents and their kids. In the case of Ritmo, experts in the fields of acoustics and bio-medicine developed its technology based on hundreds of third party research, papers and studies.