Robert Weiner Wins National Press Club President's Award For Oped Writing Program Enlisting Young Journalists As Co-Authors In Major Papers

Jan 14, 2016, 13:23 ET from Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Solutions for Change

WASHINGTON, Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Robert Weiner, former senior Clinton White House and congressional spokesman, has won the prestigious National Press Club President's Award for a program he arranged enlisting young journalists as National Press Club interns co-writing bylined op-eds on important national issues in major papers. 

Since leaving the White House staff in 2001, Weiner has published more than 700 op-eds, the vast majority with college journalists and recent graduates co-authoring and co-bylined in the pieces. For the last three years, Weiner has partnered with the National Press Club for the program, a step Weiner stated "dramatically increased the effectiveness of the journalists' writing."  

The President's Award was presented by National Press Club President John Hughes at the conclusion of the annual Vivian Awards ceremony Wednesday night, January 13.

Weiner thanked NPC President Hughes for his support and guidance during his term, as well as NPC Past president Gil Klein. Hughes reported that Klein said his students at American University, where Klein directs the Washington Semester Journalism interns, "raved about the program."  The award was also supported by another past Club President, Myron Belkind. Weiner also thanked past Club presidents Donna Leinwand, Dick Ryan, Sylvia Smith, Alan Bjerga, Mark Hamrick, Angela Greiling Keane, Rick Dunham, and Dick Ryan for their support of his work at the Club since he joined and for inspiring him to encourage young people to be involved in writing and in the Club's work. He especially thanked Club director of membership retention Sarah Driggs for encouraging and coordinating the intern memberships.

Weiner stated, "This is not my award alone, it's for all our great interns who have researched and written outstanding pieces accepted by the major papers. I'm just holding the plaque!"

He also expressed happiness that the interns became interested in and attended many important Club events, helped organize Newsmakers news conferences with congressional, Administration, and issue leaders (Weiner is an event coordinator on the Club's Newsmakers Committee), and many stayed involved with and became full members of the Club after their internships.

"Nothing gives me more of a sense of fulfillment than young people becoming involved and knowledgeable about important national issues, and placing pieces in top papers is a way to have real impact on national decision-making. Everyone wins with this program, and it is succeeding with the Club's assistance. The National Press Club is a phenomenal place for journalists, communicators, and sources for both making and reporting news." 

Weiner thanked recent intern coordinators Ben Lasky (current), Autumn Kelly, Rebecca Vander Linde, and Richard Mann for helping to create, continue, and manage the program, and webmaster/IT Director Jay Wind for organizing their biographies and articles on the web for Robert Weiner Associates (website and Solutions for Change, a nonprofit foundation to support the young journalists. He also thanked Dr. Patricia Berg, his wife and the group's Senior Editor, "for finding all sorts of things from ideas to words to grammar that dramatically improve virtually every article before we submit it."

President Hughes and past President Klein cited newspapers and influential blogs that published recent bylined co-bylined op-eds from Weiner and the program's co-authors over the past year alone among the 700+ since the program began: The Washington Post, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Stars and Stripes, TruthOut, Oped News, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times, Chicago Daily Herald, Springfield Republican, Tallahassee Democrat, Michigan Chronicle, Philadelphia Daily News, The Lynchburg News & Advance, The Hill, Roll Call, Buffalo News, Roanoke Times, Palm Beach Post, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Virginia Pilot, New Jersey Star-Ledger, San Diego Union/Tribune, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Atlanta Daily World and Chicago Defender among others (Link to full published op-ed list:

Bio note: Before launching Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Solutions for Change, Weiner served as spokesman for the White House National Drug Policy Office/Four-Star General-Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey, House Government Operations Committee/Chairman John Conyers, House Narcotics Committee/Chairman Charles Rangel, was Legislative Assistant to then-Cong. Ed Koch, and aide to the presidential and senate campaigns of Ted Kennedy.

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