Robertson Global Health Solutions Announces Release of Electronic Health Record Through RHealth Advisor Mobile Web

RHealth Advisor Mobile Web now provides a comprehensive electronic health record, reference guide and health tips through mobile phone technology.

Aug 09, 2011, 13:45 ET from Robertson Global Health Solutions Corporation

SAGINAW, Mich., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Robertson Global Health Solutions Corporation (OTCBB: RHSC) announces the release of its latest innovation of RHealth Advisor Mobile Web, which includes an expansive electronic health record, a reference guide and health tips to allow for a total health maintenance system integration and an enhancement of continuity of care in an easy-to-use product.

RHealth Advisor's electronic health record allows users to track and store health record information including demographics, allergy history, disease history, immunizations, surgical history, and more.  The electronic health record is customized by age, gender, and geography. For example, a female patient will not see "male only" diseases when searching under disease history.  This customization provides a dynamic and individualized approach to electronic health records.  All the information from RHealth Advisor's diagnostic application can be stored in the electronic health record and utilized by the other RHealth Advisor applications, making them more accurate, complete and customized for the individual.  It also can be interfaced with any other existing electronic health record system, allowing total system integration, which aids in improving outcomes, guaranteeing more individualized care.

The educational health tips provided by RHealth Advisor allows consumers to search current, relevant health tips which are listed by category such as "new mommy," "teen health," "men's health," and more.  Health tips are continually updated based upon topics that are popular in health and wellness at the present time.  Similarly, the health tips application includes a first aid feature that allows a user to search for first aid topics such as "burns" or "choking" and provides them with immediate recommendations for actions to be taken.

RHealth Advisor's expansive reference guide allows the user to look up diseases, symptoms, laboratory tests, interpretive tests, physical assessment findings and more.  The user can read more information about them, including a description about the term and a treatment recommendation for that disease or symptom.

Each of these advancements has been developed using evidence-based research and has the ability to be tailored to the user's specific language, skill level and geography.  Robertson Health understands that education is the key to overall wellness and the prevention of illness and complications.  By utilizing our well-respected health information, patients can better learn how to care for themselves and health care providers can better learn how to teach their patients about caring for themselves.

The development of an electronic health record in RHealth Advisor Mobile Web is a significant benefit in public health.

"By using mobile technology, RHealth Advisor Mobile Web has the ability to create a large amount of health records at a very low cost. The electronic health record data can then be tracked and analyzed for use in public health initiatives, recording outbreaks, and consolidating patient records from multiple clinics or treatment programs.  Because RHealth Advisor runs on laptops, mobile phones or over the web, a health record can be shared across all platforms providing continuity of care unlike any other software solution."

Dr. Joel Robertson, Founder and CEO of Robertson Global Health Solutions

In a study done in Andhra Pradesh, India, multi-purpose health assistants were able to collect 2,000% more history items per case when using RHealth Advisor compared to their paper method. When using RHealth Advisor, 4.2 history items were collected on average per case compared to 0.2 history items previously collected on average per case. With the vast number of people who do not have electronic health records around the world, RHealth Advisor Mobile Web has the power to create records where there are none in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Robertson Global Health Solutions is continuing to expand the features of RHealth Advisor Mobile Web in order to meet the increasing demands in our society. Robertson Global is working intensely to initiate commercialization of RHealth Advisor with major hospital systems, clinics, pharmacy chains, and telemedicine. Including these features within the RHealth Mobile Web offering is central in delivering a solution that manages patients more effectively and efficiently and provides early intervention of treatment.

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