ROC Exposed: Full-Page Ad in USA Today Highlights Labor Union Front Group's Dirty Dishes

Feb 14, 2013, 10:18 ET from ROC Exposed

Hypocrites at Restaurant Opportunities Center Hide Real Agenda

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, a full-page ad in USA Today unmasks the Restaurant Opportunities Center's (ROC) hidden past. The ad specifically highlights ROC's labor union background, its history of violating the same principles that it publicly touts, and the ongoing Congressional investigation into ROC's federal funding and questionable tactics.

The ad comes in response to a new self-promoting book released by ROC's co-founder. The ad, sponsored by watchdog organization ROC Exposed, can be viewed here:

The ad shows a restaurant's menu with three entrees: "The Front Group," "The Hypocrite," and "The Investigation."

"The Front Group" is explained as: "A mixed greens salad covered in a sweet, feel-good dressing to mask the bitter flavors. A perfect match for a pleasant-sounding nonprofit that's a front for labor groups intent on unionizing the restaurant industry."

"The Hypocrite" is described as: "A hearty double-decker club that can be a little hard to swallow. Ideal for nonprofits that accuse other restaurants of labor violations, but whose own members have sued them for the same types of offenses.

Finally, "The Investigation" is listed as: "Break open the center of this carefully constructed souffle and you'll find a steaming hot pile inside. Delicious alongside a nonprofit that's currently part of a Congressional investigation questioning its history of 'intimidation of opponents.'"

In addition to the issues highlighted in the ad, ROC regularly issues flawed, agenda-driven reports, files ridiculous lawsuits, and leads protests that harm many of the restaurant employees they claim to represent, all in an effort to attack and harass non-unionized restaurants.

"ROC has no credibility to speak on behalf of the restaurant industry's employees," said Alison Harden, spokeswoman for ROC Exposed. "Despite its attempts to hide its history, ROC's checkered past proves that legislators and diners alike should take ROC's claims with more than a grain of salt."

ROC Exposed is a nonprofit coalition supported by restaurants and consumers dedicated to educating the public about ROC's real agenda.