Rock Sake Now Available in Georgia

Ultra-premium sake made from all natural ingredients, with a name and taste to remember, is quickly becoming #1 in bars and restaurants

Dec 15, 2010, 09:00 ET from Rock Sake

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The continued growth of sake sales in the United States is undeniable. Americans are drinking more sake than ever and desire a high quality, all-natural, domestic product. Rock Sake, a California based supplier is pleased to introduce Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo and Rock Sake Cloud to the state of Georgia. Both sakes are made with rice from the Sacramento Valley and fresh mountain spring water from Oregon. Rock Sake is the only domestically produced, ultra-premium sake with a brand name that is easy to pronounce and a bottle that stands out on the shelf.

Sake is the national drink of Japan and a spirit that is rich in heritage and tradition. Not until the early 1900s has sake been available in the U.S., and it was primarily consumed in Japanese restaurants. However, in recent years sake has found its way into trendy fusion restaurants, bars and lounges and is often ordered in cocktails or by the bottle. Today, there are over 600 types of sake sold in the U.S. but not one particular brand stands out in the consumer's mind – until now.

Rock Sake is distributed by National Distributing Company based in Atlanta. "Sake has been a growing category in our portfolio for years and we've been waiting for a brand like Rock Sake to come along with a fresh approach." said Ken Rosenberg of National Distributing, "We believe Rock Sake has the potential to become a top brand on and off premise in Georgia."

Rock Sake's smooth, fresh flavor is hand-crafted using all-natural rice polished down to 60%, and pure mountain spring water. Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo comes in a stunning white frosted bottle and Rock Sake Cloud in a blue frosted bottle; both feature a stylish bamboo design and list the respective type of sake in English.

"Each time we introduce Rock Sake to a new account we learn that customers want to order sake but don't know how to distinguish one brand from the other." said Seth Podell, creator of Rock Sake, "Both types of Rock Sake deliver a consistent taste profile and the bottle is easy to spot on the shelf which makes it an easy brand for consumers to order."

Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo reflects the ancient tradition of Japanese sake with fresh taste and quality for the modern palate. It has a distinct taste of purity and should be served chilled straight or in a mixed drink. Rock Sake Cloud is nigori sake. Nigori means "cloudy" and is the most traditional type of sake. Rock Sake Cloud is junmai ginjo sake that is roughly filtered leaving it with an opaque color and sweeter taste and should also be enjoyed straight or in a cocktail. There is no distilled alcohol added during the brewing process of Rock Sake, which is consistent with its all-natural, pure taste. Rock Sake does not contain sulfites, preservatives or additives.

Rock Sake has become the sake of choice by patrons in some of Atlanta's hottest restaurants and bars like Thrive, Taka Sushi, Steel, Dolce, AJA, and Zen on Ten. Retail consumers can find it on store shelves in markets like M & M Package and Aces Liquors. Look for Rock Sake at food and wine festivals, celebrity events and local fundraisers. For more information visit:

Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo and Rock Sake Cloud contain 15% Alc/Vol. Supplied by Rock Sake of West Hollywood, CA 90046. Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles, Rock Sake products are distributed by National Distributing Company. For more information or to order Rock Sake in Georgia call #404-696-9440.

Rock Sake is a privately owned spirits company based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs, Rock Sake is positioned to become a leading supplier of all-natural, American made sake products.

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