Roger Sandlers Investigations Unveils Iranian Money Laundering Scheme

Roger Sandlers Investigations has today revealed evidence of Iranian money laundering via off-channel heavy fuel oil sales.

Oct 14, 2013, 12:22 ET from Roger Sandlers Investigations

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Roger Sandlers Investigations has today released information indicating US Treasury OFEC SDN listed, sanctioned parties assisting in money laundering plan tied to Iran.

Two partners based in Greece continue to conduct business while being sanctioned by the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control).

Financial institutions are urged to be wary of these two men. Roger Sandlers Investigations indicates that one party is currently collaborating with an OFAC sanctioned individual in order to help him continue working on a business sanctioned Iran projects. The men work from the same private office and apartment located not far from their main office. Currently, these parties are meeting with Iranian energy ministers and military intelligence officials in their office located in ACH S.A., in Athens, Greece.

One party is currently using offshore company accounts opened with HSBC Hong Kong, Bank of China Hong Kong and various security houses to administer the monies owed and linked to the party under OFAC sanction. These proceeds were from the sale of Iranian heavy fuel oil, sold and billed as "scrap metal". Scrap metal sales documents were produced, but are highly doctored and transferred through "empty" companies where funds are allegedly transferred in and laundered, before moving on to official financial institutions.

Currently, the initially mentioned party is also receiving payments from the proceeds of Iran-based energies on behalf of the sanctioned individual, as that person is unable to continue doing business in his own name because world banks will not work with OFAC-sanctioned entities. However, his compatriot is under no such sanctions, and is able to continue moving money on his partner's behalf.

Roger Sandlers Investigations urges officials to alert world governments to the fact that Iranian money is currently being funneled to the sanctioned individual's partner and his various companies in Hong Kong through the banks mentioned above.

Further reports show that the unsanctioned partner, under instructions from the banned individual, will offload more Iranian fuel oil into the market for Iran through Asian channels. This man is an associate and tool for assisting to channel funds into the global banking system and completing the sale of sanctioned Iranian energy products. Further information is available on the global control listed with the US Treasury.

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