ROHM Becomes a Promoter for EnOcean Alliance

Promoting and developing an interoperable wireless energy harvesting standard

Oct 18, 2012, 01:00 ET from ROHM Semiconductor

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ROHM Semiconductor today announced that it has become the ninth promoter of the EnOcean Alliance, making it a key player in developing an international interoperable wireless standard based on EnOcean's energy harvesting wireless technology for sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. EnOcean's innovative solution involves collecting energy from the environment through motion, light, and temperature differentials. The entire process, including signal transmission, execution, and completion, is performed in no more than a thousandth of a second, making it possible to power ultra-low power consumption wireless devices without cables or batteries. In addition, EnOcean technology is maintenance-free, reliable, and easy to install and even retrofit into existing buildings.


The EnOcean Alliance was formed by a group of key companies across Europe and North America as a non-profit organization in April 2008 with the purpose of integrating EnOcean's wireless energy-harvesting technology into their products. The goal was to develop devices, systems, and solutions using the same technology for mutual compatibility. The wireless standard is based on ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 WEP (Wireless Short Packet) protocol for low-powered (energy harvested) devices. The EnOcean Alliance has three membership classes: promoters, participants and associate members. As one of only nine promoters, ROHM is a core member of the Alliance, playing a central role in promoting EnOcean's battery-less wireless technology as the next wireless communication standard.

"We are pleased to welcome ROHM as a new member and promoter of the EnOcean Alliance," says Graham Martin, chairman of the EnOcean Alliance. "In Japan we are seeing an increasing demand for energy-efficient buildings based on reliable and sustainable solutions. With ROHM we have won a very strong and highly experienced partner who will support us to educate this emerging market on the advantages of energy harvesting wireless solutions and establish the technology as the number one communication standard in buildings. The commitment of ROHM is also a sign for the fast growing internationalization of the EnOcean Alliance and EnOcean technology. "

"EnOcean's batteryless wireless and maintenance-free technology has the potential to bring new opportunities not only to the building or home energy management system sector but also to the sensor network market, which is expanding into the management of infrastructure, logistics and health care products" says Hidemi Takasu, Managing Director of the Research and Development Headquarters at ROHM Co., Ltd. "ROHM will work closely together with other members of the EnOcean Alliance in developing and enhancing battery-less wireless sensor networks through the use of our exclusive sensor and low-power consumption technologies."

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