Rokkan Scoops Up Lead Creative Duties for Café de Colombia

Mar 04, 2016, 10:00 ET from Rokkan

NEW YORK, March 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Rokkan (, a fully integrated creative and media agency and a member of the Publicis Groupe, today announced that it has been named Creative Agency of Record (AOR) for Café de Colombia (, which works with Colombian coffee farmers to produce the world's best coffee.  The agency was awarded lead creative duties after Café de Colombia held an open call for proposals this past summer.

Café de Colombia is the public-facing arm of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), which promotes Colombian coffee globally and represents more than 500,000 producers, most of which are small family-owned farms. Colombia is the largest producer of mild Arabica coffees of the highest quality. Culturally, Café de Colombia and the FNC are best known for Juan Valdez, a fictional character first introduced in 1958. Often portrayed with his trusty mule Conchita, Juan Valdez became the symbol of choice for 100 percent Colombian coffee. The Juan Valdez logo makes for an important point of distinction in an industry that so often deals in blends sourced from a variety of different countries and quality levels.

As more countries continue to embrace 100 percent Colombian coffee, Café de Colombia is preparing for new ways to engage coffee drinkers. "The global coffee industry is seeing tremendous change as the third wave of coffee continues to pick up steam," said Roberto Vélez, CEO of the FNC.  "We have found that consumers are eager to connect beyond just their morning dose of caffeine and want to enjoy the best quality and understand origin, the people and the values behind their cup of coffee. We are excited to work with Rokkan to foster stronger relationships with fans of world-class coffee everywhere."

Rokkan's creative duties for Café de Colombia now include the strategic and creative development of the next generation of Café de Colombia's integrated communications aimed at engaging an emerging culture of Millennial and Generation Y coffee drinkers. With a truly digital-first approach, Rokkan will lead all campaign development, digital, social, media planning and buying. These responsibilities expand upon Rokkan's impressive body of work in consumer packaged goods (CPG) and travel, continuing the growth that the agency has experienced since its 2012 acquisition by Publicis Groupe.

Asked about the objective of the campaign, John Noe, CEO and Co-Founder, Rokkan, responded: "Working with Café de Colombia presents an exciting opportunity to re-shape the way we think about coffee and its origin story. But beyond the story of coffee, our work with Café de Colombia represents the chance to support the country of Colombia and its 500,000 coffee growing families with re-imagined communications for its most vital export. We're beyond thrilled to begin our partnership with Café de Colombia."

This new initiative will enable more brands to serve the highest quality 100 percent Colombian coffee. New creative work for Café de Colombia is slated to appear later this year.

About Café de Colombia

In 1927 the Colombian coffee growers organized themselves to create an institution that would represent them both nationally and internationally, and improve their quality of life. Since the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), came to exist, it has become one of the largest producer organizations in the world.

Since the beginning, the FNC has been the foremost coffee association in Colombia, with presences in close to 600 municipalities of Colombia, 54 percent of the country, where coffee is grown. The work of FNC revolves around the coffee growers and their families ensuring Colombian coffee is grown in a sustainable manner, strengthening common interests within coffee-growing communities while positioning Colombian coffee as the best coffee in the world.

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