Rommana Software Is Pleased to Announce the Release of 'Rommana - An Integrated Lifecycle Manager,' Now Available for Purchase and Free Trials

Jan 22, 2010, 15:02 ET from Rommana Software

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Rommana Software is proud to release the Software Industry's only fully-integrated Software Lifecycle Manager. Rommana provides a methodology and tool, which uses one common repository to maintain tight integration between the following six processes:

  1. Requirement Management
  2. Test Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Use Case Management
  5. Issue Management
  6. Change and Release Management

"Rommana is the premier in Software Lifecycle Management. Designed as a web-based system, it provides access to the project repository by team members and customers 24/7 around the globe," said Magdy Hanna, Chairman and CEO of Rommana Software.  "By using a central repository to store artifacts created by members of the project team throughout the software project, Rommana maximizes collaboration between all members of the project team, as well as customers, by providing a seamless fully-integrated interface for all project functions."  

Many tools existed in the marketplace, but they only cover (at most) two or three of these functions.  For many years, project and test managers settled for utilizing a set of tools, each covering one or two aspects of the project with hope to achieve some level of integration between these tools. For the first time, we now have one Lifecycle Manager that performs all six critical functions of any software project.  

"What is even more exciting is that Rommana will cost a fraction of what some of these tools cost," said Dr. Hanna.  "Our plan is to make total integration of all project functions, and full collaboration between team members very affordable to any size company and to all types of projects."

Two essential methodologies are supported by Rommana: SBDT™.  First is Scenario-Based Development and Testing Methodology.  Second is RBPM™, a Requirement-Based Project Management Methodology.

SBDT™ achieves two critical objectives: maximizing code coverage during testing, plus minimizing the number of problems reported by the test team and customers.

RBPM™ allows project managers and test and quality managers to manage all project activities around requirements and features to ensure timely releases. "It is a new discipline for project management," said Dr. Hanna.

Who would use Rommana? Anyone who is involved in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) such as: Project Managers, Test and Quality Managers, Developers, Business Analysts, Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Marketing and Requirement Engineers.

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John Kallerup, 1-763-546-0072

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