Roommates4Boomers Strikes a Chord With Over-50 Women

After Only 3 Weeks, Roommate-Matching Website for Boomer Women Draws Strong Traffic

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PORTLAND, Ore., May 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --, a housing- and roommate-matching website designed specifically for women over 50, is getting visits, signups, and advertising click-throughs in impressive numbers. Just three weeks since launch, the new site has achieved an Alexa Rank of 63,012 in the United States, placing it in the top 8% for web traffic. One in every 16 visitors to the website has signed up for a membership – almost three times the average for web visit sign-ups.

In its initial test series of Facebook ads, the most popular features the headline "Do A Different Life: 'Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age' – Gloria Steinem." The second most popular reads, "Reinvent Your Home Life: Think of a life that's so much more fun, with a roommate – especially a Boomer Roommate!" Ads focused on financial issues or loneliness have not fared nearly as well.

"This is so much in keeping with what we know about Boomer women today," says founder Karen Venable, herself a Boomer. "Over-fifty women today are fierce, independent, active, connected, and believe in having fun."

The growing number of single Boomer women speaks to the demand for the service. Every day 8,000 Boomers turn 65. One in three Boomer women are single. One in six have no offspring. Commented Marianne on the website, "Love what you are doing. Thank YOU!!" Another posted on the Roommates4Boomers Facebook page, "I'm 58 and actively seeking a shared living arrangement. Thanks for any help you might offer!" Women have emailed asking if the service covers Mexico and Canada. (Venable's team is working on it.)

Groups are springing up on and elsewhere to form get-togethers for Boomer women looking for roommates, and Venable believes that Roommates4Boomers provides the perfect complement. "Frankly, using group meetings to find roommates makes me uncomfortable," says Venable. "It would be kind of like going to a singles bar. You put yourself out there as wanting a roommate. It can be awkward if one woman is interested in pairing up and the other isn't." Groups are valuable for mutual support and shared information, she says, and Roommates4Boomers, which works much like eHarmony, is the perfect place for finding roommates. The site's national database, detailed profile system, and sophisticated sorting algorithm match women with similar preferences, attitudes, tastes, and habits, significantly raising the chances of finding the right roommate match.

With a sleek user-friendly design, Roommates4Boomers is poised to bring the roommate/home share experience for Boomer women into the tech-connected era.  The service is free until a match is found and a member wants to make contact with her potential roommate. After that, the cost is only $29.95 per month.

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