Roto-Rooter Denver: Good Bacteria is Critical to Wastewater Treatment Operations

The prevalence of bacteria can help or harm a city's wastewater treatment plant. Roto-Rooter Denver commented on the experience one small town went through in managing bacteria.

Nov 27, 2012, 06:00 ET from Roto-Rooter Denver

DENVER, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A Jefferson Post article has explained just what it was that caused the wastewater treatment system in West Jefferson to malfunction in recent weeks. The plant technicians in this small North Carolina town were initially puzzled when their attempts to identify a trigger were left at a dead end. Fortunately, outside sources were able to identify an influx of harmful bacteria was to blame. Roto-Rooter Denver, a professional plumbing company serving both residential and business customers, commented on the town's experience.  

According to the article, plant operators recognized something was wrong with the water after daily tests indicated the treated wastewater did not "settle" as expected. This term refers to a natural separation of liquids from solids. When this does not happen, a problem with the overall functioning of the system is indicated.

An imbalance of bacteria is typically to blame for such problems, the article noted. The technicians in West Jefferson were puzzled to find no evidence of the microorganisms when they looked at the water samples under a microscope.

After sending the samples out to facilities in both North Carolina and Maryland for further testing, harmful bacteria were found in the water. The article explained these results uncovered another problem. The technicians at the West Jefferson facility were using a broken microscope, so the harmful bacteria went undetected.

Roto-Rooter Denver commented on the town's experiences in a statement to the press. The company commented: "This scenario is an example of how the right kind of bacteria work to keep city wastewater treatment systems functioning as they should. When bad bacteria take over, the systems begin to shut down. Likewise, home septic tanks require a known quantity of good bacteria to stay in top working order. This is why we recommend customers use a professional product like our septic tank treatments to help prevent imbalances."

The article noted the West Jefferson story had a happy ending. The workers at the plant added good bacteria back to the system and increased chlorination to restore proper chemistry. The wastewater treatment plant returned to operation in accordance with state guidelines within just a few days.


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