Routehappy Launch Helps Flyers Find The Happiest Flight For The Lowest Price, Revealing Hidden Details About Flight Experience For The First Time

Flights Worldwide Graded with Happiness Scores Based on Dozens of Happiness Factors; Matched with a Powerful Low Fare Search Engine, Creating a Next-Generation Metasearch Site

Apr 26, 2013, 09:52 ET from Routehappy

NEW YORK, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Routehappy ( launches today, with the mission to help people fly better for less. For the first time, flyers can quickly and easily find flights with more comfortable seats on better planes with the amenities they care about. The industry's first "Happiness Factors" and "Happiness Scores" are Routehappy's secret sauce. Routehappy ranks billions of flights and connections worldwide, which are then matched with a powerful low fare search engine. Scores and prices are presented side-by-side for a fresh new approach to flight search.

Routehappy's team of Flight Geniuses spent over a year researching, analyzing, and grading aircraft types, seats, amenities and trip duration to engineer its signature Happiness Scores based on the Happiness Factors flyers care about most. Routehappy presents more flight details than any other source. Flight data includes seat size (pitch and width), business and first class seat types, seat layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, in-seat power, plane quality, trip duration and more.

"Flight search today is almost entirely about price and schedule. But there's a wide range of other factors that matter when people buy flights," said Robert Albert, Founder & CEO of Routehappy. "Routehappy's unique default Happiness sort makes it easy for flyers to see the happiest flight on every route. Consumers who want the best bang for their buck can now easily book flights on new planes, with more legroom, wider seats and better on-board amenities."

Now Every Flyer Has Access To Expert Knowledge When Booking Flights

Routehappy offers unique Happiness Factors flyers won't find anywhere else, explaining each one with expert tips from our team of Flight Geniuses. Flyers can filter results by Happiness Factors including:

  • Nicer aircraft: highlighting the most and the least comfortable planes, including better regional jets and the most modern, spacious aircraft loaded with features.
  • Seat: 25+ types analyzed by legroom, width and style, revealing roomier economy seats, plus the full range of premium seats, including recliner, angled and full flat pod.
  • Seat layout: 55+ variations show flights with fewer people per row and the lowest number of middle seats: including planes that have nine versus 10 seats across in the same space.
  • Entertainment: 20+ types, from overhead monitors to full on demand in-seat video, plus the very latest in "Netflix on a plane" streaming to your own device.
  • In-seat power: nearly a dozen kinds, from adapter-required to plugs + USB.
  • Wi-Fi: the most comprehensive and updated source for Wi-Fi availability on flights, including rapidly expanding international coverage.
  • Flyer ratings: real flyer ratings, reviews, tips and pictures for airlines & airports worldwide.

Routehappy Uses Big Data to Solve a Big Problem For Flyers and Airlines

Airlines are investing millions of dollars upgrading planes and airports with new amenities and services, yet online travel agencies and other metasearch sites do not reveal the many product differences among flights, causing flyers to focus on price and schedule alone.

Routehappy is solving this industry problem with big data. Routehappy's team of airline and data experts manually gathers disparate product information about flights from hundreds of sources,  including airline websites, airline press releases, airline staff, industry analysts and experts, blogs, forums, news stories, commercial sources, and the Routehappy community of real travelers. Data is fed into Flightpad, a proprietary system that scores product attributes across flights and matches them with dynamic fares and availability.

Routehappy's Evolution to Next Generation Metasearch

Routehappy matches Happiness Factors and Happiness Scores to a low fare search engine with pricing and availability from Amadeus, a global travel technology company and leader in fare search solutions. Users search on Routehappy but book directly with airlines and online travel agencies. At launch, Routehappy users can purchase directly through American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Routehappy will continue to add flight inventory and booking partners as the site evolves.

About Routehappy

Routehappy ( is the flight search site that helps people find the happiest flight for the lowest price. All flights are not created equal, so Routehappy combines a powerful low fare search engine with Happiness Factors that matter to flyers, such as seat comfort, entertainment, Wi-Fi, in-seat power, trip duration and more. Routehappy ties it all together with a Happiness Score for every flight, giving flyers all the information they need to quickly and easily select the perfect combination of experience and price. Booking is seamlessly integrated with links to airline and online travel agency partners.

Routehappy is based in New York City, and is funded by venture capital and prominent industry angel investors. Read more at Routehappy's Flight Genius blog, featuring tips, insights, and pictures.  Find the happiest flight for the lowest price at

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