Rsignia Inc. Forms Strategic Partnership with Rutgers University; Provides Technologies to Detect Cyberbullying

Oct 14, 2015, 12:00 ET from Rsignia Inc.

ROCKVILLE, Maryland, October 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Rsignia Inc. announced today that it has entered into a research partnership with Rutgers University, formalizing teaming efforts focused on research and development on the Cyberbullying Initiative. The partnership provides a framework for Rutgers' School of Communication and Information researchers and Rsignia to collaborate on the use of Rsignia's real-time social media analytics to detect instances of cyberbullying and indicators leading to cyberbullying.

"Many times in business, the gauge for success is defined by the use of terms such as 'available markets' or 'return on investment.' However, when we are dealing with the growing crisis of our children being exposed to cyberbullying, you remove yourself from typical business benchmarks and, instead, you act when and where you can; it's a passionate call to action. We are excited to be working alongside our colleagues at Rutgers to help make the Internet a safer place for today's youth," said Darrell Covell, Chief Technology Officer for Rsignia.

With the partnership in place, Rsignia and Rutgers, together, can begin the process of combining shared resources and advanced technology in an effort to identify instances of cyberbullying in an automated, real-time fashion.

About Rsignia Inc.: Rsignia is a leading provider of cyber security solutions and services, to include detection, mitigation, countermeasures, and forensics. In support of National Cyber Security Initiatives, Rsignia is developing some of the most innovative, next generation cyber and forward thinking capabilities available to the marketplace today. As a mission and engineering-driven company, our main goal is to provide purpose-built cyber security solutions that proactively defend against potential threats and provide maximum data and network security to address those threats.  Our continuing research and development efforts in behavioral analysis and modeled intelligence have great potential to become a ubiquitous security model in the cyber security domain. The unique combination of thought leaders from disciplines such as engineering, physical science, social science, and computer science make Rsignia's ideas and technology the best-of-breed in the cyber arena.

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