RSW/US Announces 'A View from the Marketer's Eye' - Summer Webinar Series

Jun 21, 2010, 14:40 ET from RSW/US

CINCINNATI, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- RSW/US announced today that beginning June 29, 2010 and running throughout the summer, they will be hosting a series of free webinars designed to help Agency principals build better business development programs. Each webinar will last approximately 45 minutes and each webinar will be available to participants after the presentation.

Since its founding in 2005, RSW/US has been an active player in gathering insights directly from top marketing executives relative to their perception of agencies, the economy, and the general state of the advertising business.  RSW/US uses these insights to help improve its service to the agencies it represents, as well as to help agencies build better business development programs for themselves.

Since 2005, RSW/US has published close to 20 reports.  All surveys can be found by going directly to RSW/US' site (  Survey downloads are free of charge.

The following provides details for each webinar summer series presentation:

June 29th: First Meeting and Closing Effectiveness - 78% of Agencies Don't Know Enough

Explore the deep divides that exist between what Marketers want and what Agencies are giving them during first meetings and as they work to close.

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July 20th: "Check the Box" - Counsel on Closing

Mark Sneider (Owner/President of RSW/US) offers insights and recommendations on specific steps you should take leading up to meetings, how you should manage the follow-up post meetings, and what kinds of things you should try and include in RFP and RFI responses.

August 10th: Social/Digital Media - Marketer and Agency Perspective

Learn what you need to do to be successful long-term in the social/digital universe. What Marketers want and what you're giving them might be two very different things.

September 7th: Building a Better Agency New Business Program

Learn what it takes to create a successful new business development program inside the four walls of your Agency. Get Marketer perspective on their needs.

RSW/US is an agency new business/agency search firm that operates on two levels:  1) They operate like a virtual business development group to help agencies build pipelines of qualified new business opportunities; and 2) They help marketers find better agencies.  More information can be accessed at: or by contacting Mark Sneider at 513.559-3101 or via email at .