RT America To Launch ‘Capital Account with Lauren Lyster'

Live news program to offer daily in-depth analysis of global economic crisis and financial news beginning Wednesday, October 19.

Oct 18, 2011, 10:49 ET from RT America

Broadcasting live out of RT America's studios in Washington, Capital Account with Lauren Lyster is a daily, half hour news analysis and discussion show focused on alternative economic and financial news.

"With Washington as the global economic policy center, our show will bring a broader and deeper perspective to viewers, one that is often overlooked by mainstream media," said Lauren Lyster, host and financial correspondent for RT America.

The first episode will air live on Wednesday, October 19th from 4:30-5pm Eastern Standard Time on RTTV (check RT.com for local listings) and streaming live RT.com/USA.

Segments can also be found at YouTube.com/CapitalAccount.

Host and financial correspondent Lauren Lyster brings her years of field and financial reporting experience to the Capital Account. From Toronto to New York, Washington DC to Sao Paulo and Lisbon, Lauren has covered breaking news events including the G20 protests, the Brazil 2010 presidential elections and the Lisbon NATO Summit.

As a correspondent and anchor for RT she's been covering politics, the economy, and foreign policy from Washington DC and New York. Specializing in financial reporting, her stories have examined the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and US fiscal policies. She has interviewed top economists and financial professionals such as Nobel-Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz and investor Jim Rogers. She previously worked as a senior analyst at the equity research firm Tiburon Research Group in San Francisco.

Producer and contributor Demetri Kofinas brings years of financial reporting experience to the show as the former producer and host of Covering the Spread, a radio show on 91.5 FM WYNE New York. Demetri is also the creator and lead contributor for CoveringDelta.com, an alternative online financial news outlet. He's covered financial crises and provided live around-the-clock coverage of austerity protests in Greece for RTTV.

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