S & S Bakery Applauds Student's Efforts to Improve Quality of School Lunches

Martha Payne's efforts to document the quality of school lunches opened the door to a major controversy regarding what school lunches should offer children in the way of nutrition and portion size. S & S Bakery, a provider of baked goods to schools, believes this controversy has stirred up crucial support for efforts to improve school lunch nutrition.

Jul 03, 2012, 06:00 ET from S & S Bakery

SAN DIEGO, July 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MSNBC reports that Martha Payne, a nine year old student, was prohibited from posting pictures of school lunches on her blog after her posts began drawing attention to the inadequate nutrition provided by the school's lunch program. While this prohibition was overturned, Payne had already drawn the interest of people around the world. Her goal was to simply document school lunches and raise a bit of money for a charity that is building a school kitchen in Africa; instead, she called the attention of countless individuals to the necessary improvements regarding school lunch choices and raised over $120,000 for the charity she supports. S & S Bakery believes that Payne has shed light on an important issue and it is looking to move forward in its support of healthier school lunch options.

The aforementioned article asserts that, due to the attention her blog has received, Payne has far exceeded her goals. In addition to the money she has raised for charity, she will be working with celebrity chef Nick Nairn to improve the meals served at her school. S & S Bakery believes that Payne's passion for this cause is a wonderful example to others.  

"Martha Payne is a remarkable nine year old," commented Steven Fadick, President of S & S Bakery. "Her blog, and the ensuing controversy, helps to illuminate the importance of nutritious lunches in the school environment. It's heartening to see the power of social media put towards a great cause. The nutritional value of the school lunch program benefits positively from the attention, and the generous donations will help to feed African children as well."

In addition to challenging schools to enhance lunch options, Payne has inspired food producers, like S & S Bakery, to continue improving the items that they contribute to school lunch menus.

"The attention given to Martha's blog highlights the shifting attitudes towards what is a nutritious lunch," remarked Fadick. "I look at this as a great opportunity for S & S Bakery to showcase our commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious products that the kids love."

S & S Bakery hopes that Payne's brave actions have encouraged others to take the need for healthier school lunches seriously.


S & S Bakery provides traditional baked goods to the residents of the San Diego community. Additionally, S & S Bakery is a USDA commodity processor and advocate of efforts to improve the nutrition of school lunches. Over the last 17 years, S & S Bakery has become a community favorite as well as a business that ships fresh goods across the country. In addition to offering valuable goods and services to customers, S & S Bakery supports a number of charitable organizations.


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